Digimon Savers Episode 44
Dub Name: Human Potential
Original Name: Smash! Craniummon's Strongest Shield.

Masaru, Agumon and Gotsumon are rushing up to meet Yggdrasil. The world tree is in sight when a blast hits the ground in front of them. It is a warning from Craniummon. He tells Agumon and Gotsumon that they shouldn't throw their lives away, they can be spared. Both Agumon and Gotsumon say that humans don't deserve to be destroyed and stick by Masaru. Masaru asks if Craniummon knows what is happening to Earth. He says that millions of humans are suffering. Craniummon says that they started it and brought it upon themselves. Masaru says that Yggdrasil is wrong and just because he is a God doesn't mean you should listen to him. Craniummon looks and sees the determination in Masaru's eyes. He says Yggdrasil's decisions are absolute. Masaru calls him a puppet and charges Craniummon. Agumon attacks with Baby Flame to distract Craniummon so Masaru can punch him. Agumon evolves to ShineGreymon.

Craniummon forms his shield, Avalon. The Power of God bestowed the shield upon him. It can ward off any and all attacks. Masaru and ShineGreymon charge. Yoshino, Ikuto and Touma fall into the Digital World. Their digimon save them from crashing into the ground. Air turbulence took them further away from Yggdrasil than they hoped to be. ShineGreymon attacks but is repelled by the shield. Masaru punches the shield but it has no effect. ShineGreymon appears behind Craniummon and uses Glorious Burst attack but Craniummon counters with God's Breath. Magnamon is watching over Earth's destruction. Dynasmon comes to him and tells him of Craniummon's battle with ShineGreymon. Magnamon says that no one can surpass his strongest shield and spear. ShineGreymon keeps attacking but to no effect. Craniummon attacks with his spear. Gotsumon says that it is impossible to defeat a Royal Knight. Masaru gives ShineGreymon the power to obtain the Geo Grey Sword. ShineGreymon charges with the sword but is blocked by Avalon. Craniummon says he feels no potential from ShineGreymon's attacks. Craniummon knocks ShineGreymon down with his attack. ShineGreymon stands and puts all his strength into one attack but Avalon breaks the Geo Grey Sword. Craniummon knocks ShineGreymon down again.

Touma and the team are rushing to help Masaru. Masaru and ShineGreymon are on their backs staring up at the sky after Craniummon's last attack. Masaru feels the digisoul in his fist. He says he will keep on attacking. Craniummon is surprised that they can stand up again. He is impressed with the bond between human and digimon and their never say die attitude. ShineGreymon evolves to Burst Mode and attacks again but Avalon is still too strong. Masaru attacks but is blocked. Craniummon appears to be too strong for even Burst Mode and keeps the pair from standing. He says that he will finish them off with the next attack and uses his End Waltz strike. MirageGaogamon arrives in time and blocks End Waltz with Full Moon Blaster attack. The others arrive and Gotsumon calls it a miracle. Rosemon, Ravemon and MirageGaogamon all evolve to Burst Mode. Craniummon says that it is useless.

They all attack one after another and a crack appears in his shield. They attack again, this time MirageGaogamon Burst Mode knocks Craniummon onto his back. While on his back ShineGreymon Burst Mode attacks and cracks the shield even more. Masaru punches the shield and it shatters. Craniummon lays down his shield and says that the battle ends here. Craniummon says that he has lost and they can go forward to Yggdrasil. Craniummon says that he will consider Masaru's talk of "infinite potential" and that a God's word is not absolute. He wonders to himself if Bantyo Leomon was aware of it all. A crack appears in Bantyo Leomon's covering.
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