Digimon Savers Episode 40
Dub Name: The Royal Knights Assemble!
Original Name: The Strongest Group of Knights. The Royal Knights Assemble!

Chika calls Masaru and tells him to not push himself too hard. Sayuri tells him to be back for fried eggs. The team enters the Digital World. On the way there they encounter air turbulence that knocks Yoshino free. When the rest begin to chase after her they all are knocked free of their digimon and crash land on a beach in the Digital World. The digimon are all de-evolved. Touma points out Earth in the sky. Yoshino accidentally sits on a buried Gotsumon - the same one they deleted!. Gotsumon turns out to be different from before, and can't imagine why everyone is mad at him. He is grateful for them saving his life.

Gotsumon tells the story of how he didn't feel good so he came to the beach to relax. A large digimon, ShineGreymon but he doesn't know it, fell on him and buried him in the sand. They need to find Yggdrasil. Gotsumon says he knows where he is and can take them to him. Everyone thinks it is a trap. Ikuto says that Gotsumon has been reborn and they should trust him. They decide to follow him to Yggdrasil. To get to Yggdrasil they are crawling along the side of a cliff. Yoshino wants them to evolve so that they can fly there but Touma points out that the air turbulence is too strong. On Earth everyone is trying to flee the city and evacuate. Chika and her mom are staying behind because there is nowhere to run to. Sayuri asks Suguru to help Masaru and to help him if he gets into trouble. The DATS team is taken to where the world tree, Yggdrasil is. Craniummon appears before them. He won't let them pass and talk to Yggdrasil.

Masaru charges and Craniummon knocks him down without even moving. Craniummon says that he will slice their hearts out if they don't leave. Masaru charges again and is knocked back again. In his fist is a digisoul though. He punched where Craniummon's attack would be. Agumon evolves to ShineGreymon and the other digimon evolve to Ultimate. Gotsumon recognizes ShineGreymon as the digimon that crushed him. They tell him it was an accident but he says that it was unforgivable. Masaru yells at Gotsumon and tells him that a man would forgive. Gotsumon practically falls in love with Masaru's words and forgives them. Craniumon attacks Gotsumon but ShineGreymon protects him and takes the blast. ShineGreymon then attacks but it's repelled. Rosemon and MirageGaogamon attacks but without any effect. ShineGreymon calls forth his GeoGrey Sword. Craniummon calls forth his demonic spear, Claiomh Solais. Craniummon says that by opposing him they are challenging God. Craniummon knocks the sword out of ShineGreymon's hands. He then uses his End Waltz attack to knock all the digimon down. He goes to kill ShineGreymon but Masaru punches his spear and holds it back. Masaru asks what Craniumon's god is doing when two worlds are being destroyed. He says he doesn't deserve to be called and god and knocks Craniummon over. ShineGreymon evolves to ShineGreymon Burst mode. He goes to attack Craniummon but is blasted from a shot out of the sky.

Dukemon, another Royal Knight comes. More of the Royal Knights appear: Magnamon, Dynasmon, RhodoKnightmon, AlforceV-dramon and Omegamon. Masaru wants to take them all on but Dukemon uses his Royal Saber attack. Masaru remembers back to when he was a child with his father. He wants to take a frog back home but his father tells him that a man would let the frog go. Masaru wakes up to see everyone knocked down. The knights allow a man to pass by them. Masaru charges him and tries to punch him but reveals the man to be his father. Masaru goes to embrace his father but he is pushed away. His father is revealed to be the god Yggdrasil. Masaru wants his father to explain what is going on but he says that there is nothing left to discuss. In order to save the Digital World the human world must be annihilated. Back home the family picture falls and the glass shatters. Masaru falls to his knees. Yggdrasil tells the knights to kill Masaru and his friends. Sleipmon, another Royal Knight, appears and saves the DATS team. As he is escaping the knights attack and Dukemon gets a direct hit.
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