Digimon Savers Episode 38
Dub Name: The Power of the Burst Mode
Original Name: Burst Mode! The Power that Exceeds Ultimate!

Agumon and Masaru charge Belphemon. Belphemon attacks, sending them both backwards. Yoshino and Touma rally the rest of the team, who are ready to give in. Everyone has now regained their hope and strength. Masaru and Agumon rush to the top of a building. At the top they face Belphemon. The other digimon attack, distracting Belphemon. Masaru and Agumon jump off the building, punch Belphemon and manage to knock him down. Agumon evolves to ShineGreymon. From a distance, all the cars are stopped on the highway as they watch the battle and lights over the city. Yushima tells Relena and her father to have faith in DATS. BantyoLeomon watches the battle from atop another building. Touma directs the digimon into position for their attacks. ShineGreymon uses his Shining Blast attack. The others comment on how much stronger ShineGreymon is then he used to be.

Belphemon laughs and then screams. Kurata's head comes out of Belphemon's chest. Kurata yells over and over again, "hate" and "Daimon". He blames Daimon for his defeats and inability to conquer the world. Masaru says that Kurata has small ambitions. Chains come out of Belphemon. Rookchessmon protects Yoshino and Ikuto from them. The chains start to drain the power from the city, giving Belphemon more and more power. Touma tells the digimon to break the chains. Belphemon swallows the space time oscillation bombs. They explode inside his stomach and he gets bigger and stronger. He attacks with a beam from his mouth, which opens a gate way in the sky. The digimon try to avoid the chains. Belphemon continues to attack and everywhere his attack goes rips the space time continuum.

Touma says that if he attacks more the barrier between the human and Digital World will be weakened and the two will collide and crumble into pieces. Touma has the other digimon distract Belphemon and his chains while ShineGreymon attacks Belphemon. ShineGreymon attacks with Glorious Burst. Everyone thinks that they destroyed Belphemon but once the smoke clears he is shown to be unharmed. Belphemon attacks and de-evolves the PawnChessmon. He attacks Masaru but the other digimon block it. Masaru calls out for the power to save the friends and his world. ShineGreymon tells him that power isn't something that is borrowed or given. Masaru says that power is combined. A light glows and Masaru harnesses it for Burst Evolution. Masaru and ShineGreymon's feelings combine to evolve him past ultimate, to ShineGreymon Burst Mode.

Belphemon attacks but ShineGreymon Burst Mode is too strong. He is able to deflect all of Belphemon's attacks. Masaru is in ShineGreymon Burst Mode's hand. He jumps and punches Kurata as ShineGreymon Burst Mode punches Belphemon. Belphemon is deleted. Kurata says that he is not defeated yet and causes another space time oscillation bomb to explode. The Digital World appears in the sky and Kurata is seemingly destroyed.
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