Digimon Savers Episode 35
Dub Name: Kurata's Real Plan
Original Name: Destructive Power, Shine Greymon's Rampage

Since Masaru couldn't control Burst Mode, ShineGreymon is out of his control and dark in color. He attacks MirageGaogamon, who manages to avoid him at first but is hit the second time around. Masaru gets angrier and angrier and wants Touma to apologize for the deaths of their digimon allies with his life. ShineGreymon knocks MirageGaogamon down again. Masaru wants him to finish them off when Chika rushes in. She grabs Masaru and asks him to stop fighting Touma. MirageGaogamon manages to avoid the finishing blow. ShineGreymon goes out of control and starts destroying everything in his path. BantyoLeomon says that ShineGreymon cannot control the power of Burst Mode and is rampaging. Touma and Gaomon leave the scene as Masaru tries to stop ShineGreymon. BantyoLeomon says that he has to wait until ShineGreymon destroys himself. Masaru leaves Chika with BantyoLeomon and goes after ShineGreymon. Masaru cries and his tears fall onto his digivice. A light shines within ShineGreymon. As the light gets bigger the darkness around him disappears until ShineGreymon is reverted back into a digitama.

At the warehouse Chika asks how long it takes for a digitama to hatch. Raramon says that they have no idea, it might never hatch. BantyoLeomon says even if it hatches Agumon will have no memories of his past experiences with Masaru. There is no way for Masaru to help them defeat Kurata now. Touma and Gaomon get out of their limo. Gaomon has injured his arm in the battle with ShineGreymon. Ikuto and Falcomon sneak out of the back of the limo where they hid. They meet with Kurata, who is allergic to Gaomon. Touma says that if he analyzes the digivice he can find a way for MirageGaogamon to have more power than ShineGreymon did. Kurata says that it doesn't matter now and takes him to his laboratory where Belphemon Sleep Mode, one of the seven Demon Lords, rests. Kurata says that Belphemon is the ultimate weapon. He found him in an ancient ruin in the Digital World. His digitama was sealed in a box so he brought it to the human world and nurtured it with the energy of the digimon he deleted. Kurata now has enough energy to awaken Belphemon. With the power of Belphemon he can rule over both the human and Digital Worlds. Ikuto attacks Kurata. Gaomon attacks Ikuto but Falcomon saves him and they escape.

Outside the Gizmon are chasing after Ikuto and Peckmon. In his limo, Touma asks Kurata to call off the Gizmon as he will personally go after Ikuto. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon and Peckmon evolves to Yatagaramon. Miki and Megumi are searching the digimon database for a way to hatch a digitama but they have no luck. Raramon senses that Yatagaramon and MiragaGaogamon are fighting. BantyoLeomon says that they cannot go to help Ikuto. BantyoLeomon tells Masaru that he must learn to control his emotions. It was his emotions that hurt Agumon in the first place. Masaru says that he realizes Agumon is a digitama because he made a mistake and his emotions couldn't control Burst Mode. Touma orders MirageGaogamon to capture Ikuto. MirageGaogamon attacks Yatagaramon, saying that he is only obeying his master's orders. MirageGaogamon attacks with Gale Claw. Masaru says that he is going to help regardless of what they tell him. He cannot control his emotions until he settles the score with Touma. He goes to punch BantyoLeomon but he catches the punch in his hand. BantyoLeomon says Suguru's fist shown a thousand times brighter than Masaru's. He says a pure Digisoul will not burn from a fist of hatred. He thought Masaru could surpass Suguru but he was wrong. BantyoLeomon leaves.

Yatagaramon is still fighting MirageGaogamon. Ikuto sees MirageGaogamon's wound and attacks it with his boomerang. Touma says he underestimated Ikuto. The rest of the team arrives to see MirageGaogamon attack and send Yatagaramon and Ikuto into the water. Masaru calls out to them. Kurata congratulates Touma on defeating Ikuto. Yushima and Kamemon pay a visit to Relena, disguised as doctors.
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