Digimon Savers Episode 32
Dub Name: The Sacred City's Last Stand!
Original Name: The Fierce Attack of Kurata's Army! Defend the Holy Capital

Shinegreymon is attacking more Gizmon:XT. Ikuto calls to Masaru and shows him that the water is receding from Eldoradimon, leaving him open to attack. Masaru says that Touma is protecting the capital. Ivan and an army of Gizmon are outside of the capital. Yushima tells the digimon that the babies should stay inside while the rest of them defend the capital. Baromon says that Masaru, being the Savior's son, will save them. The Gizmon attack and defeat digimon after digimon. Kamemon evolves to Guwappamon and helps in the defense.

The Gizmon destroy a side wall. Ivan calls out to Yoshino and calls her his honey. He tells her that he loves her by accident. Ivan challenges Yoshino; if he wins then she has to date him. Raramon says that if she wins Ivan can't go near Yoshino again. Raromon evolves to Rosemon. Ivan hyper bio extra evolves to Biospinomon. They attack each other and find that they are equal in power. Biospinomon keeps attacking, naming his attacks after the dates he would like to go on with Yoshino. Touma is carrying Nanami back. Gaomon says that the capital is under attack but Touma isn't paying attention. He is thinking about what Nanami said about Masaru being the power that defeated her. Touma says that Masaru will be fine by himself.

Other digimon get in the way of the Rosemon Biospinomon battle and are cruelly deleted by Biospinomon. Yoshino calls Ivan terrible and not a human. Ivan says that he was offered money to work for Kurata and it is now his duty to obey his orders and hurting digimon is his business. Yoshino explains the emotional connection that digimon share with humans. They feel pain and suffer. Ivan says having a heart isn't necessary. Rosemon attacks again and again and manages to knock Biospinomon down but is unable to defeat him. Biospinomon gets back up and uses his Blue Prominence attack. Rosemon protects Yoshino from the blast. Biospinomon is preparing another Blue Prominence attack. Rosemon attacks with Forbidden Temptation while Biospinomon attacks again. Rosemon's and Yoshino's determination to not let anyone else die is finally able to defeat Ivan.

Masaru and Ikuto arrive at Kurata's camp. Falcomon attacks but Kouki knocks him out of the way. Masaru charges but Kouki knocks him down as well. Ivan is injured. Yoshino sees a picture of him with lots of children. Ivan says that they are his siblings and the reason that he fights; to get money for them. Yoshino is even angrier at Kurata now. The Gizmon retreat after Ivan is defeated. Miragegaogamon and Touma arrive to see humans setting space oscillation bombs around Eldoradimon. Falcomon evolves to Yatagaramon. Kouki attacks Yatagaramon. Kurata says that it is show time as the bombs explode around Eldoradimon, opening a digital gate beneath him. Kurata leaves the camp with the Gizmon. Masaru and Ikuto fly to Eldoradimon. They try to make it to the gate, where Eldoradimon is falling through the gate. Gizmon try to stop Yatagaramon from making it to the gate. Eldoradimon is sent into the human world.
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