Digimon Savers Episode 31
Dub Name: Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs Nanami!
Original Name: Genius Confrontation. Touma VS Nanami

Touma points out a vantage point on the Holy Capital where they can spot the enemies before they come. Masaru says his father protected and fought for the Holy Capital and he will as well. The digimon call him their savior, making Touma jealous again. Nanami is spying on the Holy Capital from Kurata's base camp. Kurata explains to Nanami that Touma is a genius like she is. Kurata says that they do not need to rush into defeating them, they can take their time and play with them.

The Igamon spot where the Gizmon are assembling. They give a picture of the leader to Masaru who he recognizes as Kurata. The digimon assemble in the hall where Masaru gives a speech. He wants to march to where Kurata is and make the first move. Ikuto wants to join them. Touma says they should wait because they found Kurata's base too easily; he thinks it is bait for a trap to separate them. Masaru says he doesn't care if it's a trap or not. Touma says strategy is the best way to fight while Masaru says offense is the best. The digimon agree with their savior, Masaru. Masaru leaves with Ikuto to fight Kurata while Touma and Yoshino guard the Holy Capital. Yoshino tells Touma that Masaru can take risks because he trusts Touma.

Masaru and Ikuto are running towards Kurata's base camp. Touma watches as the Gizmon come to attack. The digimon protecting the capital fight back but the Gizmon are too quick. Baronmon then attacks and drives the Gizmon away. Touma says they are just testing their strength. Touma and Gaomon are now at the waterfall when Nanami arrives. Nanami says that the waterfall is the weakness in Touma's defense, because without it Eldoradimon is defenseless. Nanami attacks Touma. Masaru and Ikuto are fighting Gizmon now.

Gaomon attacks Nanami but she is too fast and kicks Gaomon. She says she is ready for all his movements because she knows what he is going to do before he does it. Nanami asks Touma why he is fighting since the digimon's existence won't bring him anything. Touma says the digimon are friends and are emotionally connected to humans. Nanami calls him absurd causing Gaomon to attack again. Nanami easily blocks the attack. Shinegreymon is now attacking the Gizmon but as soon as he defeats one another appears.

Gaomon is chasing after Nanami. Nanami says that everyone around Touma are idiots and that they are the same: both geniuses. Touma then asks her why she supports Kurata. She says she isn't on Kurata's side. She says that she hunts digimon to fight off boredom. Nanami asks Touma to join her. Gizmon are attacking the Holy Capital now with a self-destruction attack. Touma refuses Nanami's offer. Nanami Hyper Bio Extra Evolves to BioLotusmon, who has strength of the ultimate level. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon. BioLotusmon attacks and can read MirageGaogamon's movements and attacks. She knocks MirageGaogamon out and then confronts Touma. She tries to get him to join her again. He starts to waver until MirageGaogamon saves him.

More and more Gizmon are starting to attack Ikuto and Masaru, who aren't getting tired yet. Touma uses his strategy to control MirageGaogamon's movements and attacks. BioLotusmon can still read the attacks because she knows Touma's strategy. Touma comes up with another plan but it isn't good enough. BioLotusmon starts to beat on MirageGaogamon, who is waiting for further orders from Touma. BioLotusmon says that she will not destroy the waterfall if Touma joins her. Touma is confused but then comes up with a plan. He stands on MirageGaogamon and they charge forward. BioLotusmon attacks them both but Touma has MirageGaogamon continue forward until he is close enough to use his Full Moon Blaster attack. BioLotusmon is defeated but destroys the waterfall as a last act. Touma says he used no calculations, just foolish attacking.

Touma is now with Nanami. She tells him that she didn’t lose to him, she lost to Masaru’s power.
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