Digimon Savers Episode 29
Dub Name: How to Fix a Broken Digivice
Original Name: Ressurected Digivice A New Shining Light

Kouki is punching and kicking a tree, angry at their loss. The others tell him to calm down. Kurata contacts them and tells them to put all of their power into the digimon hunt. Kouki says that he doesn't care about the digimon hunt, his pride is at stake. Yoshino is trying to use her digivice but to no effect. Touma and Gaomon think that they'll end up defeated now. Masaru says that they will find his father and fix the digivices. They decide to go to Wanderer's Cape for clues. Masaru starts to go but Touma tackles him and keeps him quiet. They see the Bio Digimon passing by, calling out to Masaru. When they leave Touma lets Masaru go.

They arrive at Wanderer's Cape to find a dojo there instead of the house. The dojo is the Digisoul Dojo and it is ran by Bantyo Leomon. Bantyo Leomon says he doesn't know what happened to the cape. He then asks them what the Digisoul is. Masaru doesn't know and wants to fight instead. Bantyo Leomon repeats himself. Yoshino doesn't know either. Bantyo Leomon says it is no wonder that their digivices broke since they don't understand them. He tells them to follow him into the dojo. The digimon have to wait outside and have faith in their partners.

Inside Bantyo Leomon lectures them. Masaru rushes him but Bantyo Leomon just dodges it. He snaps his finger and wooden figures come to life. Yoshino has gotten angry at Bantyo Leomon by now. He continues to lecture them, angering Touma. Touma tries to leave but finds that they can’t because of a barrier. Bantyo Leomon tells them that they can't leave until their training is completed. Masaru punches a wooden figure. Bantyo Leomon says that he has strong fists but he also needs heart and courage.

The digimon don't know whether they can trust Bantyo Leomon but decide that they can. They start to get bored. Masaru and Touma continue to punch the wooden figures while Yoshino groans at their stupidity. Agumon senses someone coming. Kurata's team arrives. Masaru breaks one of the figures apart but it reforms. Bantyo Leomon tries to get them to concentrate their digisouls. The dojo shakes as the Bio Digimon start their attack. The digimon fight back, even though they can't evolve, for their partners. The Bio Digimon break apart the dojo but can't penetrate the barrier. The humans see that their digimon are getting hurt. Bantyo Leomon tells them to finish their training. The digimon stand strong, still believing in their partners. The Bio Digimon attack again and BioThunderbirmon picks up Agumon in his claws. Masaru gets mad and starts to gain power. BioThunderbirmon drops Agumon. Bantyo Leomon says that the power is still not enough and coaches Masaru even further.

Masaru says that he wishes to save Agumon. Bantyo Leomon tells them that the digisoul is the power of human emotion and that digimon respond to it. Masaru starts to gain the power of the Ultimate Digisoul. Touma and Yoshino soon follow and gain power as well. They strike their digisouls into their digivices, turning them into Digivice Burst. The barrier is broken and Masaru punches BioThunderbirmon. He gains the Digisoul Charge Overdrive. Agumon evolves to his Ultimate level, ShineGreymon. Touma and Yoshino follow. Gaomon evolves to MirageGaogamon and Raramon evolves to Rosemon. The Bio Digimon attack again but are no match for the ultimates. ShineGreymon attacks with Glorious Burst, MirageGaogamon attacks with Full Moon Blaster and Rosemon attacks with Forbidden Temptation, defeating the Bio Digimon and destroying part of the cliff.

Bantyo Leomon congratulates them. Masaru says he will settle things with him later, for putting their digimon at risk. Bantyo Leomon tells them to go to the Holy Capital and leaves tthem to their quest. Touma wonders how Bantyo Leomon knew that the digivices had a Burst Mode and wonders who he really is
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