Digimon Savers Episode 25
Dub Name: Kurata's Revenge
Original Name: Smash Kurata's Ambition! Fly Yatagaramon!

Ikuto and Falcomon try to help the injured Mercurimon. Kurata tells them that he is not beyond help and that all digimon must be destroyed. His goal is complete digimon genocide. Masaru goes after Kurata but Gizmon:AT gets in the way. Masaru punches Gizmon:AT allowing Agumon to evolve to Rise Greymon. He uses his Trident Revolver attack but to no effect. Gizmon:AT knocks down Rise Greymon. Gaomon and Raramon then evolve to perfect level. Machgaogamon attacks but Gizmon:AT is too fast. Lilamon uses her Deus ex Pollen attack but it has no effect. Kurata explains that Gizmon:AT has no heart since it is made from digimon that he captured and made into a new digimon. Kurata tells them that he will allow their digimon to live if they cooperate. If they oppose him then since he is from the Confidentiality Ministry they will be convicted of treason. The DATS team still opposes him.

Mercurimon tells Ikuto that his wounds won't heal. He talks to Ikuto about his relationship with humans and digimon. He tells Ikuto that his true happiness is in creating a world where digimon and humans can live together. The digimon attack again but Gizmon:AT is too fast. Masaru still wants to fight on. Kurata tells him that he is stubborn just like his father. Ten years ago he advised Suguru to eliminate all digimon before it was too late but he wouldn't listen. Masaru calls him a coward just like his father did. Kurata uses an artificial digisoul to have Gizmon:AT pseudo-evolve to Gizmon:XT. It goes to attack the humans but Rise Greymon flies them out of harm's way. All the digimon attack at once and drive Gizmon:XT back but it is still in one piece.

Mercurimon says that they can't win at their current level. He stands up and Ikuto says that he will never forgive humans. Mercurimon tells him to look at Masaru, who is battling Gizmon:XT. He says that he is not a bad guy. Ikuto realizes that humans have treated him nicely. Mercurimon moves to attack Gizmon:XT and manages to strike him just as Gizmon:XT releases another blast. Mercurimon manages to damage Gizmon:XT but not before his wounds increasing. Gizmon:XT blasts Mercurimon again and deletes him.

Kurata blabbers on about how Mercurimon was a fool. Ikuto gets mad and along with Falcomon charges him. Ikuto has Falcomon evolve to perfect level, Yatagaramon. Yatagaramon faces off against Gizmon:XT. He attacks Gizmon:XT before it can blast them again. Yatagaramon then uses his Mikafutsu no Kami attack to destroy Gizmon:XT. Kurata runs away again through a digital gate. Ikuto says that he will live on as a human with a Digimon's heart. Kurata is back in his lab. He is looking into a tank where another masterpiece awaits.
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