Digimon Savers Episode 22
Dub Name: The Wrath of SaberLeomon
Original Name: Defeat an Ultimate! Surging SaberLeomon

At DATS Ikuto is in his room while food is being left outside. He refuses to eat. Satsuma is watching the footage of the opening of the digital gate. Kurata appears in DATS and sneezes all over Agumon. Chief Hashiba enters. Kurata expresses interest in Ikuto and wishes to study him. Hashiba approves of the request. They see on the monitor that Ikuto is trying to leave. Masaru stops him and tells him to come home with him. Satsuma agrees to allow Ikuto to live with Masaru. Kurata relents and leaves with Hashiba.

Masaru and Ikuto arrive at his home. He introduces Ikuto to Chika but has Falcomon hidden under a box. Chika lifts the box and finds Falcomon. She remembers the night that he attacked them. They all share a nervous moment before Chika proclaims that they stink. She makes them all take a bath. Later they are at the dinner table. Ikuto and Falcomon are shocked at how Masaru and Agumon are making pigs of themselves. After they taste the food however they soon start to eat like pigs also.

Gotsumon arrives at Saber Leomon's palace. Gotsumon says that he has failed and deserves to die. Saber Leomon reminds him of the past when humans entered the Digital World and killed digimon. Saber Leomon will now personally attack the humans and invade the human world. It is morning now and Ikuto wakes up having to go to the bathroom. His vision is blurry and he thinks he sees Yukidarumon. He rushes over and hugs her but it turns out to be Masaru's mom. Ikuto runs away crying. Masaru catches up to Ikuto and receives a message from DATS about Saber Leomon’s attack. Saber Leomon is attacking a power plant. Ikuto thinks that it is his fault again but Masaru sets him straight. Ikuto says it is impossible to defeat Saber Leomon but Masaru says that they still have to try and fight.

At the power plant Lilamon attacks Saber Leomon but is easily defeated. Mach Gaogamon attacks next and is turned aside. Masaru and Agumon finally arrive. Masaru punches Saber Leomon, allowing Agumon to evolve to Rise Greymon. All three perfects attack at once but Saber Leomon blocks them. Saber Leomon attacks Rise Greymon with Nail Crusher attack, and then uses his Infinity Arrow attack on Lilamon. Saber Leomon crushes Mach Gaogamon beneath his paw. Ikuto yells at Saber Leomon to stop. Saber Leomon attacks but Falcomon saves him. Masaru faces off with Saber Leomon. Rise Greymon doesn’t have the strength to continue.

A camera type digimon (Gizumon) appears and shoots Saber Leomon. Saber Leomon becomes dazed and loses strength. Masaru punches him again and breaks one of his fangs. Rise Greymon gains his strength back and defeats Saber Leomon with his Trident Revolver attack. Saber Leomon’s reverts to a digitama and it suddenly smashes. Kurata arrives. Touma tries to find information on the camera digimon but cannot find any. Kurata says that it is time to take measures against the digimon. Back home Masaru and Ikuto get to eat the breakfast.
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