Digimon Savers Episode 20
Dub Name: The Crier Family Reunion
Original Name: Save Mother, Ikuto. Hagurumon's Cage

They are at Ikuto's parents house. Yoshino rings the doorbell. No one answers. Agumon smells something and runs to the side of the house. They see a woman with a baby girl with some flowers. Ikuto runs away and the others chase after him. He runs into the path of a motorcycle but manages to avoid it. Masaru isn't so lucky and runs into it. Yoshino and Raramon continue the chase after Ikuto. The man on the motorcycle asks Masaru if they are from DATS. He tells him that he is Noguchi Kenji, Ikuto's father. He says that Satsuma told him about Ikuto returning to the human world. Masaru say that Ikuto thinks that he is a digimon. Kenji says that is best if they leave, that knowing Ikuto is alive is good enough.

Kenji tells Masaru the story of the digital gate and the day that they lost Ikuto. They joined DATS to find Ikuto. In the Digital World all they found were his toy robot and his basket. His mother, Misuzu, was deeply hurt after that and wouldn't talk to others. Her heart has mended since then after having their baby girl. Kenji is afraid that her heart will break again if she finds out about Ikuto. Masaru says that it is irresponsible of him to keep it from his wife. Masaru and Agumon agree to leave though. Falcomon asks Ikuto if he wants to go back to his mother. Ikuto says that Yukidarumon was his mother. Falcomon says that he thinks the lady is really his mother since they have the same eyes, hair and smile. Ikuto asks if Falcomon forgot what humans did. He has a flashback to when Yukidraumon was dying. She told him to not hate humans "because you are"... and then was deleted. Ikuto now says that he will never forgive humans and he is going to prove that the woman is not his mother. Lightning strikes the house and the digital gate opens. Hagurumon comes out. He uses his Darkness Gears attack. He controls Ikuto’s robot toy. The parents start to run. Gears start to appear all over the house. Misuzu gives the daughter to Kenji who manages to escape. Misuzu is trapped inside of the house. The house becomes incorporated into a giant robot.

Masaru and Agumon run into Yoshino and Raramon. Headquarters calls them and tells them about a digimon disturbance coming from Ikuto's parents house. They run and find the giant house controlled by Hagurumon. Ikuto arrives and thinks that they are under Gotsumon's orders. Falcomon reminds him that Yukidarumon said that Hagurumon doesn't follow anyone's orders. They hear Kenji call out for help. He tells them that Misuzu is trapped inside of the house. The Digimon attack the house but have no effect. The house cries out for its mother. Touma calls them. He says that digimon absorb the desires and thoughts of humans. Masaru asks Ikuto if he finds the house familiar. He tells Ikuto that it is the robot from when he was little. Ikuto calls out to his mother and remembers when he was first in the Digital World, calling for his mother with his toy robot. Ikuto says that Yukidarumon is his mother. Masaru tells him to stop lying to himself. He says that even if you never met your parents the feelings for them don't disappear.

Masaru charges into battle and punches the house. Agumon evolves into Rise Greymon. Rise Greymon knocks the house down and starts pulling it apart. They find Misuzu trapped in the house's chest. The robot gains the upper hand and is stepping on Rise Greymon. Ikuto and Falcomon charge into battle. Ikuto frees his mother. Rise Greymon turns the tides and uses his Trident Revolver attack to destroy the house and Hagurumon.

Misuzu and Kenji are reunited. Misuzu turns Ikuto. She runs and hugs him. Chief Hashiba arrives and goes to arrest Professor Noguchi for the illegal possession of digimon and a digital gate. Misuzu defends him and so Hashiba wants to arrest her too. Ikuto yells out and says that he opened the gate. He says that he is not a human but a digimon warrior out to destroy humans. Hashiba wants to arrest him too but Falcomon attacks and they escape with the arrest team going after. Gotsumon tells Mercurimon that Ikuto betrayed them but Mercurimon does not believe him. Gotsumon wants to attack the humans but Mercurimon says not, they can't. Saber Leomon arrives and calls Mercurimon a coward.

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