Digimon Savers Episode 14
Dub Name: The Wild Boy of the Digital World
Digimon Boy Ikuto Forest Keeper Jureimon

Satsuma tells them that ten years ago the Digital World was discovered. Specialists from all over were sent in to investigate. Digimon attacked them and destroyed their camp. Thanks to Professor Daimon Suguru, Masaru's father, they were able to escape back to the real world. However Suguru disappeared in the Digital World. Masaru runs home to ask his mother if it is all true. His mother says it is. She tells him that Suguru was looking for a way for digimon and humans to live in peace. She didn't tell Masaru because she was afraid he would get lost in the Digital World too. Masaru says that he'll go to the Digital World, defeat Mercurimon and bring back his father. Touma and Yoshino find that all data on Suguru is confidential.

Touma, Masaru and Yoshino are all saying goodbye to their families. Satsuma has told them that he doesn't know if they can be returned to the real world once they enter the Digital World. The next morning they are all at DATS. They are given radar and a long range communicator so that they can find Mercurimon and return home. The group is transported to the Digital World. Ikuto and an evil digimon separately watch them enter. The container with their supplies and food lands away from there. They rush to where it landed but Ikuto's boomerang destroys it and deletes its contents. Masaru and Agumon rush after Ikuto. The others try to keep up. Yoshino gets grab by a man eating plant.

Falcomon reunites with Ikuto. Ikuto swings off of the branch he was on and tackles Masaru. Falcomon and Ikuto jump back up to the tree branch before any of the others can attack them. Ikuto says that humans are the enemies of digimon and are here to destroy the Digital World. Masaru tells him that Mercurimon is the real enemy. Falcomon and Ikuto attack again.

A fog envelopes the forest. They hear a voice telling them to leave. Vines capture Agumon and Masaru. Raramon and Gaomon free them. Jureimon arrives and tells them to all leave the forest, including Falcomon and Ikuto. Ikuto pulls out his digivice and Falcomon evolves to Peckmon. Peckmon uses his Spiral Claw attack. Gaomon and Raramon evolve. Ikuto throws his boomerang which Masaru punches, allowing Agumon to evolve. Geogreymon uses his Horn Impulse attack but Peckmon is too fast. Gotsumon and Yanmamon are watching the battle from the sky. Gotsumon says that Mercurimon isn't going to be pleased.

Jureimon attacks them all. He then reveals that he is protecting baby Noykimons. Gostumon attacks them from above using boulders. Gaogamon and Sunflowmon try to destroy as many boulders as possible so the babies aren't injured. One boulder is too large for any of them so Geogreymon evolves to Risegreymon. Risegreymon uses Trident Revolver attack to destroy the boulder. Ikuto and Peckmon retreat so that the babies aren't dragged into the battle. Jureimon is surprised that humans helped him. Yoshino wonders what they will do now that all their equipment and their way home is destroyed. Jureimon tells them that there is a digital gate in Mercurimon's palace in the Infinite Ice Ridge. Gotsumon tells Mercurimon about the humans in the Digital World.

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