Digimon Savers Episode 4
Dub Name: The New Team of Marcus and Thomas!
Japanese Name: New Team's First Outing! Chase Drimogemon!

Cars and buildings in the city are covered in green sludge. Masaru and the others arrive and are chasing after Numemon. They chase him down into the basement of one of the buildings. Touma tries to divide them up so they can surround Numemon but Masaru goes off on his own. Agumon spots Numemon. Touma has positioned Gaomon to arrive where Numemon is headed. Both of them attack but Numemon manages to avoid them and throws sludge at them. Raramon uses her Nuts Shoot attack and turns Numemon into a digitama. Masaru insults Touma over the incident.

Touma drives Masaru home in his limo. Masaruís sister and mother come out to greet Touma and invite him in for tea. Masaru says that Touma isnít welcome. Touma has his driver drive off, thinking about family. That night two burglars are breaking into the Medaka bank. They open the vault using an expensive device they got over the internet. The older thief trips over a bag the younger thief dropped and the device falls and breaks. The vault closes, locking them in and a gate to the digital world opens. Drimogemon comes out of it. The burglars convince Drimogemon to drill them out of the vault. 

At DATS the break in at the bank is discovered. They find out that the digimon that came through the gate was Drimogemon and they analyze him. Masaru arrives late because of his mother. He and Touma get into another fight. Masaru tries to log onto a computer but he doesnít have access to it. The computer causes them to lose all the data they stored on Drimogemon. Luckily Touma had a backup made. Warning signals go off; they have once again discovered where Drimogemon is. 

The burglars are at another bank. They have Drimogemon drill into it so that they can steal the money. DATS arrives and the burglars and Drimogemon run away and into their car. They start to drive away but Agumon and Masaru block their path and push back on the moving car. Drimogemon goes insane, glows purple and increases in size. Masaru climbs onto Drimogemonís head but gets thrown into the water. Agumon attacks but is thrown in the water also. Gaomon then attacks Drimogemon. Raramon uses her Sing a Song attack to put the burglars asleep, so they can be transported back to DATS to have their memories erased. 

Touma wants to force Drimogemon over the water so that he canít drill a hole and escape through the earth. Gaomon leads Drimogemon to the water but Agumon is there and attacks. Drimogemon manages to drill a hole and escape underground. Touma has Gaomon evolve to Gaogamon and they calculate where Drimogemon will surface. Masaru and Agumon chase after Drimogemon through the underground. Drimogemon surfaces right where Touma predicted. Gaogamon attacks forcing Drimogemon back into his hole but Masaru is there waiting and punches him. Agumon evolves to Geogreymon. Geogreymon and Gaogamon attack at once but their attacks cancel each other out. A digital gate opens and Drimogemon escapes through it.  The next morning they are all at DATS. Touma and Masaru both say that they cannot work with each other. The captain says that they are being selfish and they do not know what trouble Drimogemon is up to in the digital world. Touma wants permission to use the digital dive to enter the digital world but Satsuma wonít grant it. That night when Yoshino and Raramon are on duty he gets them out of the room before he Touma and Gaomon enter the digital dive machine against everyoneís orders.
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