Digimon Analyser Season 5

MachGaogamon a perfect level Digimon enormous propulsive force who carries rocket engines on his back. His special attacks are Winning Knuckle and Howling Cannon.

Mammon. A Perfect Level Digimon, whose two powers are to sense events that are happening and to hear sounds from far away. Its special attack is Tusk Strike and Tundra Breath!

Mercurimon an ultimate level Digimon who boasta of being the fastest in the Digital World. It's special attack is Thousand Fist. It can unleash a super barrage instantaneously

Metal Phantomon a Perfect level Digimon with a scythe that can contain energy. He reaps others soul directly with his bizarre cry Grave Scream.

Mirage Gaogamon (no data)

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode. The appearance MirageGaogamon takes on after using Burst Evolution to temporarily activate the limits of his power. His special attack is Full Moon Meteor Impact.

Nyaromon (No Data)

Nyokimon (No Data)

Ookuwamon. A Perfect Level Insect Digimon. It cuts everything with its mighty scissors. Its attack is Scissor Arms Omega.

Otamamon (no data)

Peckmon an adult level Digimon with infatigable walking power. His special attack is Spiral Claw spinning his entire body at high speed he can pulverise the enemy with his enormous claws.

Picodevimon (DemiDevimon) A mischievious child level Digimon who plays evil tricks for it's special attack it throws its syringes Pico Darts.

Piyomon (Biyomon) is a child level Digimon who's wings are shaped like arms. It's special attack is Magical Fire. It shoots out an illusionary green flame

Poromon (no data)

Pteranomon. An Armor Type Digimon that can launch devastating attacks from the sky. Its special attack is Beak Pierce, where it uses its sharp beak to attack opponents.

Pukamon (Bukamon) (no data)

Punimon (no data)

Puwamon a baby level Digimon covered with soft plumage. It is very curous and becomes easily attatched to people.

Pyocomon (Yokomon) (no data)

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