Digimon Analyser Dub Season 5

MachGaogamon is an ultimate level digimon. 2 jet engines prepel him at an incredible speed. His specail attack modes are Winning Knuckle and Howling Cannon. ~ Thomas

Mammothmon an Ultimate Level Digimon. It's Tusk Crusher and Freezing Beath would make it tough enough to defeat but it can also counter your moves before you even make them because it can see into the future ~ Yoshino.

We've identified it. Merukimon, Mega Level. He can strike in the blink of an eye with his Thousand Fists Attack or devastating Super Charge. ~ Miki

MetalPhantomon is an ultimate level digimon he has an energy stealing scythe that can reap the life force from the living and his bizzare voice is known as the Grace Scream. ~ Gaomon

Meteormon is an ultimate level Digimon who's special attack mode is Cosmos Flash. His powerful hands shoot a high bold of energy which he absorbs from the power around him. ~Thomas

MirageGaogamon ~No Analyser~

(MirageGaogamon Burst Mode) You did it sir you were able to help me achieve another level of power. In this mode my Meteor Shackle and Final Mirage Burst attacks will propel us to victory ~ MirageGaomon Burst Mode

Ninjamon a Champion Level Digimon that movies with incredible stealth. His Ninja Weaponaru are unmatched. ~ Falcomon.

The one purring is Nyaromon ~ Yoshino

~No Analyser~

Okuwamon Ultimate level. It can use it's mighty pincers to cut through almost anything, or it can bring down it's opponents with it's Double Scissor Claw attack. ~ Miki?

That one's Otamamon ~ Yoshino

And Pabumon ~ Yoshino

Peckmon a champion level digimon, this ferocious foul can attack with his powerful legs and sharp beak and it's blistering fast Spiral Claw Strike. ~ Thomas or Gaomon.

Of course Poromon ~ Yoshino

We've confirmed some of the Digimon are Ptermamon, armour level Digimon, their special weapon is Sharp Wing and they can attack as easily from the sky or ground ~ Miki

And Punimon ~ Yoshino

That's Puwamon. He's an In-Training level Digimon that's covered in soft feathers. It's very curious and easily bonds with people. ~ Thomas

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