Digimon Analyser Dub Season 5

Falcomon a Rookie Level Digimon with the ruthlessness of a ninja. It can slash with it's razor sharp talons and use it's special attack Scratch Smash + Ninja Blade ~ Miki

Frigimon is a champion level Digimon that is made entirely out of snow and ice but don't let her frosty interior fool you inside this pacifist has a warm and gentle heart. ~ Megumi?

Garudamon an Ultimate Level incredibly powerful Digimon his special attack is the dangerous Wing Blade.

GizumonAT the champion level of Gizumon the Digimon i created. ~ Kurata

GizumonXT an Ultimate Level Digimon. If you thought Gizumon and Gizumon AT were powerful wait until you get a load of this baby. ~ Kurata

Gotsumon a Rookie Level Digimon who's rocky body is as hard as a diamond. It can crush opponents with it's Rock Fist Attack ~ Miki

Gwappamon is a Champion Level Digimon. During his special attack mode CDs shoot from his head at high speds known as DJ Shooter. ~ Thomas

Hagurumon a Rookie Level Digimon shaped just like a gear it works it's way into machines and takes over the parts until he's into complete control. ~ Miki?

(Kentaurosmon) I am a mega level Digimon protected by my impenetible red digizoid armour. My icy breath attack creates a blizzard and freezes my opponents in their tracks. - Kentaurosmon

Keramon. A Rookie Level Digimon that consumes massive amounts of data. It attacks with its Crazy Giggle, an incredibly destructive ball of light. ~ Miki

KnightChessmon the PawnChessmon's Champion Level ~ Miki
They can use their Big Darts attack while at a high speed gallop ~ Megumi.

Kuramon are in-training level digimon their uncanny ability to spread virus' in computer networks makes them real terabyte terrors ~ Miki

Kurisarimon, Champion Level Digimon with an armoured body. It can attack with devistating Data Crusher or use it's tentacles to disintigrate another Digimon's data. ~ Miki

Leopardmon, the mega level who's motto is Justice Equals Power. His keen stratigic planning and his Black Aura Blast Attack makes him especially dangerous ~ Craniamon

LoadKnightmon a Mega Level Digimon and a member of the Royal Knights Brigade. His fist of fear attack sends shockwaves through his opponents and his Spiral Slice is razor sharp ~ Yushima

That's Lilamon she looks cute but she sure packs a punch with powerful attacks like Lila Shower a strike that bewitches enemies ~ Thomas

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