Digimon Analyser Dub Season 5

They look like most of them just hatched from Digieggs and fell from the sky ~ Yoshino

Aquilamon Champion Level Digimon a speedy Digimon with a special attack mode called Blast Laser which he uses with dangerous accuracy - Megumi?

I'm Banchouleomon my friends mean everything to me and my enemies know better than to mess with my friends, and if you want to be my friend one day kid you're off to a bad start. ~ Banchouleomon.

(Belphemon Rage Mode) From Sleep Mode to Rage Mode this is the true form of the mega level Belphemon. He posesses the same attacks but will now weild them with vengance and furious anger ~ Kurata.

(Belphemon Sleep Mode) He's a powerful mega level Digimon. Belphemon can be so cute when he's in his sleep mode. But i assure you Thomas his Rage Mode is much more terrifying ~ Kurata

Bishopchessmon is the White Pawnchessmon's Ultimate Level. He's always on the offensive with his Bishop Laser attack ~ Megumi

We are called Biohybrids, part human, part Digimon only a great man could blend human DNA with Digimon data and my guess is you already know his name - Biothunderbirdmon/Kouki.

(BioRotosmon) Kurata upgraded our data and now our Bio Hybrid fusion is stronger than ever. What took you and your Digimon months to acheive Kurata did in one night. ~ BioRotosmon

(BioSupinomon) If you thought our biohybrid forms were strong before wait until you see my Blue Promince Attack. This fusion of human DNA and Digimon Data can defeat any mega digimon ~ BioSupinomon

Biyomon a Rookie Level Digimon that does battle with a blast of it's Spiral Twister and an ethereal burst of Blue Flame that can scare off it's opponents. ~ Thomas

I am Blossomon, An Ultimate Level Digimon let me introduce you to my Ninja Flowers, they may not have thorns but they can pierce to the bone. ~ Blossomon

Boarmon another armour level Digimon that is unstoppable after he begins his charge it's special attack mode is nose blaster where his tusks blow out high heat? gas ~ Megumi.

I recognise Bukamon ~ Yoshino

Cerberusmon an Ultimate Level Digimon who guards the Gates of the Sacred City. His Mad Dog Fire is hotter than a slice of pizza on the roof of your mouth. ~ Homer Yushima.

Cherrymon an ultimate level digimon he isn't very fast on his feet but he makes up for it with the switness of his lightning fast vine attacks ~ Gaomon or Thomas

Chirinmon an Ultimate Level Digimon, one of his special attacks is the Wind Cutter Sword which whips through his opponents like a hurricane. You want to stay far away from this disaster ~ Commander Sampson.

Citramon, he's a Champion Level Digimon who's Fruit Punch Nova sends his enemies to the showers not exactly part of a balanced breakfast believe me ~ Thomas

(Craniamon) Ever since time began the Royal Knights have sworn to protect you my king. I will be loyal to you always. ~ Craniamon

Crowmon, Ultimate level, his Black Feather and Savage Emperor attacks can stand up to any Digimon. During battle he can shoot high energy beams from the tips of his talons. ~ Thomas

Demidevimon an evil little bat like Digimon who specialises in cheats. He unleashes a blazing Demi Dart to be havoc on his target ~ Miki

Dokugumon are champion level digimon they have a computer virus running through their bodies. They wait for their prey to sleep then pounce at them with their highly posionous fangs ~ Thomas

Eldradimon the only information the computer hs is that an entire city rests on it's shell no other data available. ~ Thomas

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