English Name: Thomas H. Norstein
Japanese Name: Touma H. Norstein
Partner: Gaomon > Gaogamon >; Mach Gaogamon > Mirage Gaogamon > Mirage Gaogamon Burst Mode

Touma H. Norstein is a very smart 14-yr-old. So smart that he has graduated University already. With him being the brains of the missions, he's an elitist to the very core, always trying to plan out battle strategies in his favor. Gaomon and Touma seems to have a nonchalant relationship, but at the very most, they care for each other. Touma has been out of Japan for 6 months to Europe, but he returned, to meet with the new Digimon problem. Touma's father is an Austrian Aristocrat, while his mother is Japanese. Later on, we find out that Touma's mother was accidentally killed in front of his eyes when he was young by a truck driver.

He is the first to go to the Digital World via the 'Digital Dive' against Commander Satsuma's orders. He is helped by Masaru to return and the two then start to become friends. He is somewhat happy to be 'allowed' to join in with the Daimon family (he likes Masaru's mother) He also has a small soft spot for Chika. He is the first to notice that the Digimon coming to the Digital World are feeding off a humans wishes.

Touma starts out with a bad foot with Masaru. He sees Masaru as a child, so to speak, in DATS. Even so, Masaru definitely doesn't like to be treated that way, so he ends up having a boxing match with Touma. In the end, they tie, which purges their dislike for one another even more. As episodes go on, it just comes to show that they really are a good fighting team. Touma doesn't randomly attack when he's on a mission. He usually has a strategy, and now that Yoshino and Masaru are there with him, he relies less and less on his computer, and more on his friends by his side.

However after his battle with Nanami - Touma starts to question himself in regards of his place in the team. When his father sends for him he ends up working with Kurata to help his sister Relena. He makes a device for Kurata to control Belphemon and goes to fight Masaru which causes ShineGreymon to wrongly burst mode. However it would appear that he is only doing all this work to get Kurata's plans.

Touma doesn't get on all that well with his father and somewhat fights against him for not helping his mother. When Touma is older he gets the Noble Prize for curing his sisters illness.

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