Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 50
Dub Name: A Million Points of Light
Japanese Name: Our Digital World

Tai and the others gather on Earth at the spot where they first entered the digital world. The digimon get up and face Malomyotismon again. Fighter Mode uses his Positron Laser attack but Malomyotismon blocks it. The dark spore children watch from the dream world and think that it is all their fault. They start to get depressed and the dark energy starts to feed Malomyotismon more. Davis and Ken try to convince them that there is still hope and its worth trying to defeat him. The older digidestined are with their parents and the parents of the spore children on Earth. They need to get Nariko to Oikawa. The digimon attack Malomyotismon again but he blocks with his Screaming Darkness attack. Tai and the others continue to try and get to the digital world. Izzy finds gates opening all over the world. Light from the gates come through the darkness as all the digidestined start to band together.

All the digimon are guided to where Malomyotismon is. Malomyotismon attacks them all with Screaming Darkness. The light from the digivices reaches the digital world and starts to hurt Malomyotismon. Gates open on the Earth and the digidestined start to arrive along with Nariko. The energy from the light energizes the digimon. Nariko doubts being digidestined and the spore children feel that they are tainted because they don't have partners. Darkness once again fuels Malomyotismon. Davis tells them that they don't need digimon to have a good life. Davis asks them about their dreams. They say that they have none. They ask Davis what his dream is and he says to open a noodle cart.

Nariko and Kari both say that they want to be kindergarten teachers. All the children start to reveal their dreams. As each tells of their dreams parts of Malomyotismon starts to disappear. The children start to believe in themselves and their baby partner digimon appear before them. Digivices appear in their hands. Malomyotismon is just a shadow now. Everyone's digivices charges Imperialdramon who uses his Giga Crusher attack to destroy Malomyotismon once and for all. They start to celebrate their victory. Gennai comes and gives Gatomon back her tail ring. He says its powers kept the emperor's base from going out of control and allowed for DNA digivolving. Gennai confirms that the other world they visited gives you the power of wishes.

Cody is trying to bring the injured Oikawa into the digital world. Daterimon, Oikawa's partner digimon, appears. Daterimon asks if Oikawa remembers him and he says he does, from his happy days with Hiroki. Gennai says that Oikawa's body is too damaged to make it. Oikawa sees that the digital world is damaged as well. Oikawa says that he can use the powers of the dream world. Oikawa disappears and uses up all of his energy to wish the digital world back to normal. With his final wish Oikawa becomes the protector of the digital world.

Twenty Five years later TK and the rest of the digidestined are meeting again. TK is a novelist, who writes stories about their time in the digital world. Everyone on Earth now has digimon partners and knows of the digital world. Tai is a diplomat, Matt is an astronaut, Sora is a fashion designer, Joe is the digital world's doctor, Mimi hosts a cooking show, Izzy is a researcher, Kari is a kindergarten teacher, Ken and Yolei are married with Ken being a detective, Cody is a defense attorney and Davis owns a successful noodle cart company. The series ends with all of their children playing together, watched over by the spirit of Oikawa.
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