Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 46
Dub Name: Duel of the Wargreymon
Japanese Name: Blackwargreymon Vs. Wargreymon

Ken's dad shows the kids a file and picture of Oikawa from 1999. Oikawa, Mummymon and Arukenimon arrive at a cabin near Mount Fuji. They are going to stay there and wait for the spores to bloom. The first sign will be the children will start to show remarkable intelligence. TK's mom gives them a list of names and addresses of all the dark spore children. The digidestined split up to watch them. TK and Cody meet up with Nariko. They watch her kick a cat. TK chases after her.It is now snowing near Oikawa's cabin. Arukenimon watches a meteor in the sky crash to Earth. The meteor is really Blackwargreymon. The digidestined don't think they can remove they spores. They decide to just watch the children for now.

Blackwargreymon approaches they cabin. Oikawa wakes up, sensing something. He wakes the others up as Blackwargreymon attacks the cabin. Both the new and old digidestined are following the spore children. Tai and Kari went to the digital world to meet up with Agumon and Gabumon. There they find destruction caused by Blackwargreymon. Agumon and Gabumon tell them that Blackwargreymon is really strong now since the defenses of the digital world have been weakened. They see Mt. Fuji and the rift in the digital world. Agumon says that he received enough power from Azulongmon to fight Blackwargreymon. Oikawa meets Blackwargreymon, who wants to meet his creator. Oikawa admits that he create Mummymon and Arukenimon by converting his own DNA into data. Blackwargreymon is the product of the real world and not the digital world, making him realize that the answers he seeks are in the real world.

Blackwargreymon wants to destroy Oikawa because he is a foreign object, of neither world, and disrupting the power of both. Agumon, Kari and Tai arrive. Blackwargreymon goes to attack Oikawa but Agumon warp digivolves and stops him. Wargreymon and Blackwargreymon start to fight. Gatomon digivolves to Nefertimon and chases after the escaping Oikawa. Blackwargreymon uses his Terra Destroyer attack but Wargreymon blocks it. Aquilamon and Pegasusmon arrive and chase after Oikawa's car. Stingmon and Ex-Veemon set up a road block. Mummymon and Arukenimon attack them while Oikawa drives. The car soon runs into Paildramon. Wargreymon and Blackwargreymon are still battling. Paildramon mega digivolves to try and stop them before they reach civilization, allowing Oikawa to escape. Imperialdramon mode changes and saves Wargreymon from being destroyed. It's now two on one against Blackwargreymon. They all use their attacks at once creating a huge blast. Wargreymon and Imperialdramon have reverted to their rookie states and Blackwargreymon is too tired to continue to fight. Blackwargreymon tells them that he wanted to be destroyed. Wormmon tells him that no one should want to die. Agumon and Veemon say that blackwargreymon's life still has meaning. They explain more about life and friendship to him. Blackwargreymon thanks them. He wants to put aside his warrior ways and leaves as their friend.
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