Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 30
Dub Name: Ultimate Anti-hero
Japanese Name: The Dark Ultimate, Blackwargreymon

Arukenimon is in the bath thinking back on how badly she was defeated. She is mad at the digidestined for destroying the control spires. The digidestined are in the digital world destroying more spires. 147 of them were destroyed that day. They decide to take a break and TK and Kari leave Davis behind to find a vending machine. Yolei and Veemon ask Davis what is wrong, upset that he was left behind. Yolei is worried because Ken and Cody don't talk to each other. She comes up with a plan. Davis tells Ken and Cody that he cannot destroy one of the control spires. Stingmon and Digmon work together to destroy it, forming a bond between the two. Ken and Cody still won't talk but get mad at Davis for tricking them. olei yells at them for being stubborn. Ken takes Wormmon and leaves.

Arukenimon needs a more powerful digimon to defeat the digidestined. She decides to create a digimon using 100 spires. Mummymon and Arukenimon take their dune buggy to meet up with the digidestined.Cody is deep in thought. The dune buggy arrives and Arukenimon sends out 100 Spirit Needles. The digimon digivolve. TK and Kari fly ahead but are knocked out of the sky. The one hundred spires create Blackwargreymon. All of the champion digimon attack at once but are easily defeated. They email Ken for help but he emails them back that he doesn't want to mess up their team. Yolei and Aquilamon fly off to search for him. She finds Ken and Stingmon and tells them that Arukenimon made a super strong digimon. Ken still doesn't want to go so Yolei slaps him, convincing him to help out.

Ken and Yolei arrive so that Stingmon and Ex-Veemon can DNA digivolve. Paildramon and Blackwargreymon clash. Paildramon's Desperado blaster attack has no effect. Blackwargreymon summons power for his attack. Kari warns them all to run away. Blackwargreymon unleashes his Terra Destroyer attack, leaving all the digimon dedigivolved and the digidestined defeated. Blackwargreymon stands above them. Arukenimon orders him to destroy the digital world but Blackwargreymon tells her that he takes orders from no one. He leaves saying that he has to look for a more worthy opponent.
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