Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 17
Dub Name: Ghost of a Chance
Japanese Name: Odaiba Memorial

At the tv station the workers there see shadows and ghosts on the footage they film. The digidestined arrive back in the real world. They want to celebrate their current victory over the Emperor but Cody doesn't want to until they completely defeat him. Tomorrow they can't use the computer lab because the detention room is being moved to the lab. TK says he and Kari have plans for tomorrow so can't go to the digital world anyways. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day they defeated Myotismon four years ago. All of the digidestined, both old and new, arrive at the park. At the tv station the shadow and ghost appears on every program. Later in the day TK and Matt are together at Matt's apartment. After eating their dad arrives and tells them that the staff at the station are all quitting. He says the station is haunted by ghosts.

Mimi, Yolei and Soar are at Tokyo Tower, where they defeated Skullmeramon. Matt and TK are at the mall thinking about all the deleted digimon that were their friends. Izzy, Tai, Cody, Kari and Davis are together at Tai's apartment. Izzy thinks he can open a digiport at home with just a D3 and they don't need the computer lab. Davis uses his D3 to open a port from Tai's computer at home but before they can enter it Tai's mother comes home. A dark cloud surrounds the tv station and lightning hits it. Matt's dad sees the shadow. Gatomon runs into the tv station and everyone follows her. Gatomon stops and the shadow is over her. It is trying to communicate with her. The in-training digimon think she is in trouble so digivolve to their rookie levels.Gatomon stops them from attacking. The shadow stops and reveals itself to be the ghost of Wizardmon. Wizardmon tells her that her greatest enemy is back and they cannot defeat him as they are now. The enemy is not the Digimon Emperor and they cannot defeat it alone. Wizardmon says that kindness will release the golden radiance.

He tells Gatomon to be careful. They reach out for each other when Wizardmon has to leave Gatomon once again leaving the Cat Digimon in tears. Sora explains to the new kids about Myotismon and how he killed Wizardmon. Gatomon knows that Wizardmon is still watching over her.

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