Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 15
Dub Name: Big Trouble in Little Edo
Japanese Name: Shurimon's Martal Art Skills

Davis is giving Demiveemon a bath and talking to him, making Jun think that he is going nuts.Yolei is watching tv, where on the news the report mentions that Ken has been gone for two months. All the digidestined are emailing each other on their D3s. Gekomon wake up Shogungekomon with an emergency; a control spire was erected in their area.Yolei sees more and more spires in the area so they enter the digital world. They enter a town like during the samurai era of Japan. Mushroommon and Floramon surround them. The rookies start to fight back and during this Gatomon uses her Cat's Eyes Hypnotism for the first time. Ninjamon attacks Hawkmon, who digivolves to Shurimon. Shurimon and Ninjamon are battling each other when Floramon and Mushroomon find Yolei. They all retreat and the Gekomon take them to safety in the sewers. Shogungekomon thanks them for helping. That night while he sleeps Ninjamon puts a dark spiral on him. In the morning the Gekomon wake up the digidestined and tell them that Shogungekomon is tearing the city apart. Once again Floramon and Mushroomon surround the digidestined. The rookies armor digivolve to fight them off. Ninjamon attacks Hawkmon once again.

Raidramon takes care of the Mushroomons while Digmon fights the Floramon. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon are fighting Shogungekomon. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon find the control spire and trick Shogungekomon into destroying it. All but Shogungekomon is free now. Raidramon uses his thunder blast attack followed by Digmon's Gold Rush to put Shogungekomon to sleep. Ninjamon is still fighting Shurimon. Shurimon disappears and reappears above Ninjamon. He breaks Ninjamon's sword causing him to run away. While Shogungekomon is asleep all the digimon combine their attacks to destroy the dark spiral. He wakes up his normal self and thanks them.

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