Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 11
Dub Name: Storm of Friendship
Japanese Name: Blue Lightning Lightdramon

Tentomon joins the digidestined on the train. Ken and Metalgreymon are south of where they are. Matt tells Tentomon to find Garurumon. Davis and TK then fight over saving Agumon. Davis doesn't want to fight but TK does. Cody tries to break it up but Tai and Matt tell him to let them be. Fighting with each other was how they grew the first time around they say. Cody's D3 signals that a digiegg is nearby. They start to search and find the crest of friendship carved into the side of a mountain. They find a hole and in it is the digiegg of friendship. Matt, Cody, Tai, TK, Kari and Yolei all try to lift it but can't. Tai and Matt have to force Davis to try and lift it. Davis pretends he cannot lift it when a sound hurts their ears.

Flymon arrives and attacks them. Veemon digivolves to Flamedramon. Flymon manages to avoid Flamedramon's attacks. Hawkmon digivolves to Halsemon. During the battle TK notices that patamon is gone. Flymon has captured him and brings him to the Digimon Emperor, who has arrived. The emperor goes to put a dark spiral on Patamon but TK runs towards Metalgreymon. Metalgreymon attacks TK but Tai saves him. Garurumon arrives and saves Patamon. Garurumon and Matt attack. Armadillomon and Gatomon digivolve. They all attack at once and it seems that they are beginning to hurt Metalgreymon. Tai wants Davis to fight but he is afraid of hurting Agumon. Tai and Matt tell him that he has to fight for the sake of friendship. Everyone starts yelling at Davis to fight. Davis cries out and the digiegg of friendship comes to him. Davis opens the egg and Veemon digivolves to Raidramon. He uses his blue thunder attack on the dark spiral but it doesn't destroy it. Matt tells Davis for their digimon to attack at once. Raidramon and Garurumon both attack the dark spiral, destroying it. Metalgreymon reverts back to Agumon, no longer under the Emperor's control. The Emperor flees on Airdramon.

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