Digimon Adventure Zero Two Episode 4
Dub Name: Iron Vegiemon
Japanese Name: The King of Darkness, Digimon Kaiser

Agumon and Veemon free the Gotsumon from their cages. TK is worried because it all seemed too easy to him. Gatomon looks up and sees a black spire. The Emperor is watching as more control spires are erected. A Vegiemon army captures Gabumon and a village of Gazimon. The digidestined bring the Gotsumon back to Earth. Izzy wants to study the new digivices so Yolei gives him hers. Gabumon and the Gazimon break out of jail but Redvegiemon knocks them down. Redvegiemon knocks Gabumon off of a cliff and into a river. He washes up on a shore and calls out to Matt.

TK wants Matt to hide the Gotsumon in his rock band. June, Davis' older sister, wants Matt and TK to sign her shirt. Yolei emails them and they run off to the school. They enter the digital world and find Gabumon. Gatbumon takes them to the village. There they put on fake dark rings to convince the guards that they captured the digidestined. They are thrown in jail with the Gazimon but they soon take off their rings and surprise the Vegiemon. Davis wants them to fight more but Matt stops him. Matt instead wants to fight Davis, even though Davis is a much younger kid. Everyone starts picking on Davis and he gets upset.

Redvegiemon attacks them. Veemon attacks but Redvegiemon captures him. The Vegiemon soon capture Cody and Davis. Redvegiemon uses his Stink Jet attack on the rest of the digimon. Redvegiemon is crushing Veemon. He keeps on beating on Veemon but his attacks miss and hit and crack the control spire. With the control spire out of commission Gabumon digivolves to Garurumon. Garurumon chases off the Vegiemon while Veemon digivolves. Flamedramon fights off Redvegiemon when Tai, Izzy and Yolei arrive. Armadillomon digivolves and Digmon completely destroys the spire. Redvegiemon and the Vegiemon army are returned to normal and leave. The control spires control the dark rings and prevent digivolving. They take the Gotsumons back home. Garurumon stays with the Gazimon to protect them. Izzy finds a map of the digital world on their new digivices. On the map are the locations of all the control spires.

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