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Movie 7: Island of the Lost Digimon
Frontier Music is where it should be XD
Battle scenes were edited apparently
Mess up in some of the names...Grizzlymon, DinoHyumon....
Most of the Frontier Cast Returned
Wendee Lee - Bearmon
Doug Erholz - DinoHumon
Kotemon - Debi Mae West (new cast)
Grizzmon - Peter Spellos

Revival of the Ancient Digimon

All my comments are posted with * * by the side

To start with like all the other movies the movie isn't carried on with the series:

The kids are riding in a truck sort of thing *the front is of a Trailmon Ball but it's small* The truck jerks nealy making some of the kids pile on top Takuya and Koji start to argue *again* Many digimon appear fighting around the kids and then they see an island coming down from the sky *anyone else get Floating Island from Sonic feeling???* When the kids awaken Takuya, JP and Tommy are with Kotemon who asks who they are. JP is worried for Zoe so Takuya and Tommy introduce themselves and then introduce JP.

A fight breaks out Dinohumon kicks major butt and absolutly hammers beast digimon until he sees Hippogriffmon...*if you see this movie it is v dark on the subject of death* Hippogriffmon runs off and Dinohumon goes after him. Then Darcmon appears and says she thinks she has seen Hippogriffmon.

On the far side of the island Zoe, Koji, Neemon and Bokomon meet the beast types and meet Bearmon. Bearmon tells them of how that the war has ruined his friendship with Kotemon. Grizzmon comes and passes them Hippogriffmon has launched an attack on the Humon type. Takuya and Koji talk about war and their conflicting ideas cause another fight between them. Kotemon and Bearmon reunite as do the kids together After the kids make a peace they are taken to a cave by the 2 young digimon. They show them Ancient Greymon, Ancient Garurumon and an evil digimon called Ornithmon. Bearmon blows all the dust away to reveal that a piece of the painting is missing.

When they leave the cave Dinohumon almost kills Kotemon and warns to keep away from Bearmon. Grizzmon arrives to save his younger brother from Dinohumon so another fight ensures and Takuya and Koji get cheesed off and digivolve to their forms. The 2 digimon talk sense into the digimon and they take their little brother and go.

Later that night Darcmon is around and talks about the war. While Dinohumon talks to Takuya JP slips away and Tommy also slips off to the cave painting. On the beast side Hippogriffmon talks about the war to Koji which allows Zoe to go to the cave to follow JP. When inside the cave they see Tommy, Bearmon and Kotemon who are getting close to solving the puzzle. Then a tank fires and blows some of the puzzle off. Takuya and Koji go to beast forms. Zoe and JP see Hippogriffmon Slide digivolve to Darcmon so they follow her! They then digivolve and go to the cave. There is only one piece left in the puzzle but the roof begins to collapse so Tommy digivolves and stops it from doing any major damage. Kazemon and Beetlemon order Hippogriffmon to fight Darcmon...when Hippo has no other choice Fairymon reveals to the others that Hippo and Darcmon are the same. Hippo goes to Darcmon and says that her plan is to awaken Ornithmon. After wiping everyone out in a blast of energy she puts the last part of the puzzle in place *Hippogriffmon's pendant/Darcmon's scepter* Orithmon appears and Darcmon changes again to the evil Murmuxmon. *cute chick went later days!*

Murmuxmon and Orithmon start to cream everything in site! All the Fighters fire at both digi's who simply shrug off the attacks! Kotemon goes to the cave and begs Ancient Greymon and Ancient Garurumon to come and help. The 2 evil digimon come to blast the wall to pieces to stop Kotemon's plan but he jumps in the way of their blasts and becomes a Digiegg! His death awakens the 2 ancients but they don't move.

BurningGreymon is totally enraged and bursts into flames *totally cool* He heads for Ornithmon. Agunimon comes from the flame and uses his spinning attack *what's it's name?* Murmuxmon blasts at him and thinks he's won but Agunimon comes out of the smoke and makes Murmuxmon go bye bye.

Bearmon then begs the 2 Ancients for help. Agunimon goes to them too and calls out to them. The 2 ancients kick butt big time and hammer Ornithmon to hell! When he has gone the Ancients go back to normal.Bearmon finds Kotemon's egg :) When the film is finishing the beasts and humon's are together Bearmon is holding the Digitama of Kotemon and then behind him Kotemon is revived and they smile as they reunite.

The end

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