2nd Part

The second part of the movie takes place four years after the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon and after the kids have returned from the digital world Kari is narrating again and she starts off telling us how Izzy found a virus on the internet. He finds it's a digiegg and it hatches. We see Tai in his house writing an e-mail to Sora appologising for giving her a hair clip for her birthday. He signs it "Love Tai" He is about to change it when Kari enters the room she asks him if he likes her new dress as she's going to her friends birthday party. Before she leaves she tells Tai that to send e-mails you press send. Which she does sending the mail with "Love Tai"

Izzy runs to Tai's house and tells Tai about the virus they get hooked up to Tai's dad's computer. The Digimon begins eating data on the web and starts digivolving. Izzy get e-mail from Willis an American digidestined saying it's all his fault. We find out later what is meant by this.

When Tai starts wishing that Agumon was there to help and begins hearing his voice. It is Agumon with Tentomon and Gennai too. Gennai tells them that he can upload Agumon and Tentomon to the web so they can fight the Digimon. Tai telephones the others but Mimi's on holiday in Hawaii. Joe is in a test. Matt and Tk are at their grandma's who hangs up on Tai.

When it comes to phoning Sora he asks Izzy to do it. When Izzy asks why Tai can't do it himself he tries to brush it off but it comes out that the two of them have had a fight when Sora tells her mom to say she isn't home.

With no help from the others, Tai and Izzy must fight alone. Agumon and Tentomon arrive at the location of the evil Digimon and begin battling with him, but he's too strong. They digivolve and he digivolves. But he skips a form Rookie to Ultimate. The digimon then start to digivolve again but during the digivolution Infermon the evil digimon attacks making them dedigivolve. Infermon leaves the area and begins causing trouble with the phone lines. It seems he is trying to contact someone we find out later it was Willis.

With the phone system down Tai uses the emergency phone system to call Matt and TK. Using the system they tell them what is happening but their grandma doesn't have a computer. The eventually find one in the hairdresses of all places. In the meantime, Infermon headed over to America still searching for Willis. Finally Matt and TK are online and Gabumon and Patamon join Tentomon and Agumon on the web. Infermon attacks Patamon and Tentomon before they can even evolve. Agumon and Gabumon warp-digivolve to Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon. But Infermon also digivolves to Diaboromon.

Izzy had too much of Mrs Kamiya's weird drink has to go the loo. Tai hits the computer and it crashes. When Izzy returns and see the computer they re-boot it and find Wargreymon Metalgarurumon almost dead. Diaboromon gets into the computer systems of the milatry station The Pentagon and sets off some missiles. Then he puts up a timer on the screen. When it reaches zero the missiles will hit their targets. Then he multiplies himself millions of times. Just when it looks like there's no hope Tai and Matt, who are upset about their digimon, enter the computer, which allows Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon to DNA digivolve to Omnimon.

Omnimon destroys the legions of Diaboromon and eventually only one is left. But he's still too fast and they can't catch him. Izzy forwards all the e-mails that children have been sending to Diaboromon which slows him down so Omnimon can destroy him with the counter going between 1 and 2 seconds.

As the missiles fall harmlessly in the water, we see Sora reading Tai's email and smiling, saying, "Stupid Tai" Back in American, Willis is happy that Diaboromon has been defeated. But something happens leaving Willis calling for Kokomon.

- Opening of Butterfly (Sora missing Jellyfish on screen, Jyou missing train, Mimi Mail, Koushiro off to Taichi's, Takeru + Yamato @ Grandma's, Hikari at the party)
- More scenes of panic at the tills
- Showing Jyou running into his school for his exam
- Oolong Tea drinking
- Yamato + Takeru's Grandma home is Shimane.
- Tokyo Wheel going fast
- Emails from Australian Boy, Singapore Girl
- Taichi containg Hikari again during a card game (1 kid at the party is called Noriko! + the bday girls family is the Hori's)
- Takeru + Yamato begging various people to use their pc's, 1 isn't connected to the net but that is the man who drives them on his bike.
- Camdella Email, Berlin Email
- Wallace DOESN't email Koushiro it is a Taiwan student who finds out about the pentagon + tells Koushiro about the missles
-Extra barbers scene about laundry
- Indonesia mail, Armenia mail, Thailand mail
- Costa Rica mail, Phillipines mail
- Koushiro on the balcony seeing missile impact 'Didn't make it' not about to throw up
- Ending - Sora replying to Taichi's Email thanking him for the hair clip.

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