Battle 12 The City of Light, Light City!

In the real world 2 boys are having a Digimon Battle via the terminal. Tyranomon vs. Golemon. Tooru is there thinking about Tsurugi's disappearance and how everyone is still playing the game. The boy who loses the Battle Resets his Mini causing Tooru to snap at the boy knowing Tsurugi wouldn't have let the boy get away with it. He wonders if Tsurugi and the others are really in the Digital World.

In the Digital World Light City is aka the City of Beginnings. It's one of the biggest Cities in the Digital World. They are about 30 mins away from reaching it and where the group first started out in the Digital World where the Battle between Greymon and Peckmon happened before Tsurugi and he were transported away from the danger. Ami wants to know why they are going back there. He tells her the other Digimon overseer is there. Gaomon says that this overseer maybe able to help to get them back to the human world. Ami thinks that their hair is messy and does her flattening. However they are being watched. Mummymon orders some Commandments to not let them into Light City. Yuu sees another Trailmon, Trailmon tells them that they are near the big city and other Trailmon come there too. Gaomon states that is no regular Trailmon and it's a Battle Armament Trailmon - the Commandments Armoured Trailmon.

The Commandments and their Trailmon fire upon the groups Trailmon. Tsurugi tells Trailmon to hurry. Trailmon tells them that the other one is a newer version with stronger power and speed than his. Mummymon is seeming to be enjoying himself. Yuu tells them all to go into the engine car as Mummymon orders an assult on the engine car. They fire and hit the target. Mummymon orders them to change the tracks so they can take the Digimemories. One of the commandments points and they see that they cut off the passenger cars to increase speed. On top of the Trailmon is now GeoGreymon who Mega Bursts at the other Trailmon. He only hits the wheel though stopping it so they have a free run to Light City... Trailmon tells them that it's just over the hill. Tsurugi states he can see it but there are a TON of Commandments including CannonBeemon, Missimon, Bombmon all firing upon Light City.

In Barabmon's Castle Someone tells Norun that it will be troublesome if she goes in on her own. She goes in anyhow. Barbamon asks her what the fuss is all about. She demands that he stops the attack on Light City and how she won't forgive him for taking the lives on innocent Digimon. He tells her that there can be no great revolution without sacrifices. She tells him that he has no right to sacrifice other Digimon and not to mention releasing the Power of the Dark Area. He tells her that it's already done and that the discussion is meaningless. A Digimon comes in and states that it's all as Barbamon wished. He tells Norun that it's the humans who play with the lives of Digimon. He tells her that the one chosen by the Digital World was not her but Barbamon. She recognises him as One of the 3 Commandment Commanders - Zanbamon (Ultimate Level Digimon). Barbamon asks him over Mummymon's unit he replies it appears they failed but asks if he can go because he has a deep interest in the Adult levels. Barbamon allows it and orders him to obtain all 3 Digi Memories. Barbamon states that since Zanbamon is an Ultimate it will be like trying to stand up to an Elephant...(ok then)...Norun is worried and we see Peckmon hidden behind a column.

On the Trailmon Ami is worried as going into the city would be suicide but they know that if they go back they will be attacked by Mummymon's team. Tsurugi says they have to go forward to Light City. He tells Trailmon so they can get through they will need to go underground as he knows Trailmon can make tracks. Trailmon says that won't be able to happen as Light City has a city underground. Yuu states why create when they can use what is already there. By that he shows the railway already there. Trailmon says it'll take 5 mins. Agumon ways it'll be fine for the bombs - he'll be the fortress. He evolves back to Geo and keeps firing. Another Trailmon is spotted near Light City and has no signs that it's an ally so it must be an enemy. Since there are too many enemies Trailmon is still getting hit. Trailmon says it's his task to get the customers to the desination safely and to do this he transforms into Trailmon Battle Form and starts firing like crazy. Tsurugi says to keep going as they're heading to Light City.
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