Battle 04 - Commandments of Terror
Tooru is trying to explain to a policeman that Tsurugi disappeared. Tsurugi and Piccolomon are on the C-89 Model Trailmon. Piccolomon is giving Tsurugi a crash course about the Digital World and how it is connected with the human world. Tsurugi tries to take off his V-Helmet but finds he isn't wearing one. Piccolomon has a go at him telling him his body is really there and to himself he knows that Tsurugi is their last hope. Tsurugi is then really happy that he is in the Digital World. Piccolomon tells Tsurugi that Kuwagamon appearing in the real world is because the boundaries of the worlds are swaying. He then tries to tell him something else but Trailmon comes through with news that they are about to go overground. They arrive at Hidden Valley where they are greeted by Patamon's they see the illegal mark and know that this is their saviour. Agumon then wakes up and kicks Tsurugi for making him lose to Peckmon. He yells at him that this isn't a game anymore and ends up pooping on him, Tsurugi takes down his trousers to poop back but Piccolomon yells at them to stop and tells them that the Demon Lord appeared and Hijacked the Host computer. He aims to take over the Digital World with his Commandramon and eliminate Digimon. He also tells them the Hacker and Peckmon are under his command. Agumon is annoyed at this. Piccolomon then reveals the Demon Lord is Barbamon.

Shou and Peckmon are with Barbamon and have filed their report. Barbamon now knows that Piccolomon stands against him. Shou asks if Tsurugi was brought to the Digital World like him in which Barbamon replies likely. Something new then comes to light about Memories. Barbamon holds the Dark Digimon Memory, Shou the Bird Digimon Memory, there are 8 in total and when together the rebirth of the Digital World will come. Barbamon is worried over Tsurugi but Shou tells him not to worry they won't interfere. A search party has been sent for Piccolomon. The next generation of Digimon....for the birth of Neo.

At Piccolomon's he explains to Tsurugi over the 8 pendants (Dragon, Bird, Water, Beast, Insect/Plant, Machine/Mutant, Dark and Holy) Piccolomon holds the Holy One. When relaxing Tsurugi isn't sure what he should do. A Patamon hurries over and fetches him. Sealsdramon has turned up and has injured Piccolomon. The Commandramon have the Patamon's captured. The Holy Pendent is given to Missimon to send back to Barbamon. Tsurugi turns up and Piccolomon tells them to get out now. Sealsdramon sticks his sword straights through Piccolomon and holds him high. As the Patamon cry Tsurugi gets damn annoyed. Agumon's anger creates Digi-Soul which Agumon can feel. Sealsdramon goes to attack Agumon. Agumon releases his Baby Burner attack. Sealsdramon gets toasted and the Commandramon run. Piccolomon isn't dead but very seriously hurt. Tsurugi tells him he will fight Barbamon and his commanders. Piccolomon tells Tsurugi to take out his mini which he does. It is then transformed into a Digivice-IC. They are then put on a train and told to go to Light City where they will meet someone else with a Digimemory. They leaves as Piccolomon says they will meet again
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