Chapter V-9: A New Power, "Digivice 01"

Title: A New Power, "Digivice 01"

Taichi: It's true that Zero learned to swim but the battle will be underwater...
Zero: Look at these strong muscles! All that swim training has powered me up it's perfect.
Gabo: Not again you're such an optimist, Zero. The enemy's a Perfect, remember.
Taichi: Ooh...what should I do...? Where'd Gon go anyway?
Gabo: I don't know... He was around here just a minute ago...
Taichi: I hope he didn't go out in the ocean again. He was the one who said it was dangerous, after all...

Whamon: Gon! I thought I told you not to come here anymore! This ocean is dangerous, you don't need to tell me what's going on in the village...
Gon: I...I'm sorry...
Whamon: If I was only a little younger, I could fight that demon myself but now I all I can do is wait for a strong Vaccine Digimon. Gon, you don't need to report to me anymore...
Gon: But there's something I really wanted to tell you.

Gon: Actually... Some travellers appeared in the village to fight the demon.
Whamon: What?
Gon: They keep talking about Tags or something... Do you know what that's about?
Whamon: Do they have a Tag! Gon, I know it's dangerous, but I have a request. Please bring them here to me! I, Whamon, have been waiting a long time for this moment!

Whamon: There you are! I've been waiting for you.
Taichi: Th this is Amazing...
Whamon: Haha, did you think I'd have insides, too?
Taichi: Huh?
Whamon: I'll explain. Everything in this world is nothing more than a form that is easy for humans to grasp. I've taken on the outward appearance of a Monster, but...

Whamon: This place is a world inside the computer. Everything that exists is just a compilation of data.
Zero: Wah!
Whamon: For example...this is a Monster's true form.
Taichi: What's that?
Whamon: Hmm...just as I thought! He's originally a simple, but strong, program...
Zero: Whaddaya mean "just as I thought?" Originally?
Whamon: The numerical formulas for data inside a computer are all arranged in 0s and 1s. But there is something that maliciously destroys these arrangements It's called a "Virus." If the Virus spreads its disease this world will be ruined...
Taichi: Virus could it be...?

Whamon: Yes, the evil Virus is Demon! Demon has grown in strength and has begun to manipulate the arrangement of this world. As the boy with the Tag and the unknown Monster, it is your duty to destroy this Virus called Demon. In other words. You two are the Vaccine for this world!
Taichi: But my voice won't carry my commands through the water. I don't know whether our combinations will work well enough to take out the Perfect...
Whamon: Is that what you're worried about?
Taichi: Ding ding ding!
Whamon: Don't give up! There are support programs in this world to strengthen the Vaccine. They are Holy Angemon and myself.
Taichi: Support programs?

Whamon: This is my program! I'll append a program to the Vaccine that be our hope! This is why I called you!
Taichi: What's this?
Whamon: The "Digivice 01" is a handheld computer that can send and receive data. By sending data it's possible to communicate underwater. But that's not all, you'll find it has many different uses. For example, scanning...
Taichi: Like this?
Screen Zero's Scanned Data: HP 2086/2086
Taichi: Wow! This is great! Thanks, Whamon!

Whamon: I'm glad I was able to give you that before I died. will be the next one to protect the Net Ocean. The medal I gave you is a sign of that.
Gon: But Lord Whamon...
Whamon: Those two gave you courage, didn't they. Things worked out well, I have no regrets Program end.
Gon: Lord Whamon!
Taichi: Did you wait for us all this time? Thank you Whamon...

Gesomon: I've been waiting for you. This will be your grave!
Screen: Octomon: HP 1825/1825 Gesomon: HP 1903/1903

Gesomon: I'll get you back for last time!
Zero: Hmph!
Taichi: "Watch behind you on the right. Catch the enemy." Go through to Zero! Up link!
Screen: Watch behind you on the right. Catch the enemy.
Octomon: What?

Taichi: "Pull him in..." Hammer Attack!
Screen: Pull him in. Hammer Attack.
Taichi: Yes! We did it, Zero! We did it, Taichi, your commands came through! The Digivice 01, huh. Pretty amazing. Right! Now even underwater we're 100%!
Zero: Yeah!

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