Chapter V-8: Burning Training

Title: Burning Training

The Net Ocean
Taichi: This time it's the ocean, huh. The second Tag is supposed to be somewhere under the sea.
Zero: OK, I'll go search for it. Ugh! Cough, cough!
Taichi: He's drowning! Now that I think of it, he's never seen the ocean before..

Zero: Cough, cough.. You can't breathe in the ocean...
Taichi: Of course not...
Gabo: Good grief...
Taichi: Oh well, you'll just have to go into training! It seems we'll have to go underwater to get the Tag, anyway
Zero: Right!
Gon: Haha...
Taichi: Who's there?
Gon: Oh...I'm sorry. It's just so absurd, I couldn't help myself...
Taichi: What do you mean? It's not absurd. If he trains, I'm sure he'll be able to swim...
Gon: But he's drowning now.
Taichi: Oh! Zero!

Caption The Netsurf Village
Gon: I'm Gon the Gomamon.
Taichi: Sorry for all this trouble. But are we really that scary? Everyone seems afraid...
Gon: Everyone's nervous...
Taichi: Why?
Gon: A demon appeared.
Taichi: What?

Gon: Recently a horrible Monster took up residence nearby. Everyone calls him the Demon of the Deep. His underlings come and attack the village and take our food. Now everyone's took afraid to swim in our beloved ocean...
Taichi: What a bunch of wimps, why don't you fight? Huh? But you were just swimming, weren't you?
Gon: Oh... Well, that was.
Gabo: Hey Taichi, do you think maybe that demon is the Perfect sent to guard the Tag?
Zero: What? Perfect? Where is he? Hand over the Tag!
Gabo: *sigh* Fools have all the energy...

Zero: All right, let's do it!
Gon: I'm telling you, there's no way! He's really strong! And you can't even swim!
Zero: I'm going to train and learn how to swim!
Gon: Th...that's impossible...
Zero: It's not impossible!
Taichi: Hey Gon, the most important thing is your attitude. If Digimon really try hard, they have limitless possibilities.

Penmon: There's no way he can swim...
Gotsumon: I wish they'd stop causing problems for the village.
Caption: A few days later.
Taichi & Zero: Mon, mon, Digimon. Digi, mon, mon.
Taichi: All right, today's another day of training!
Zero: Yeah!
Gabo: Oh no! Gon's being attacked out at sea!
Taichi: What?

Gesomon: Gesogeso, what're you doing swimming around here?
Penmon: Aiee...
Gotsumon: It's the demon's henchman...
Gesomon: What's wrong cowards? Aren't you going to come rescue him?
Gotsumon: It's no use, he's too evil.
Penmon: There's nothing we can do.
Gabo: Hey hey, you're his friends, aren't you?
Gesomon: A wise choice! They're not so foolish as to try and stand up to me! Gesogesogeso. Huh?
Gon: Oh. That's...

Gon: Zero! What?
Penmon: What a clumsy stroke...
Gotsumon: But...
Gotsumon: He's learning how to swim...
Gon: Zero...

Zero: Let go of Gon!
Gesomon: Geso D...did you say Zero? Then you're the one who defeated Lord Triceramon? I have to let Lord Marine know.
Zero: Marine?

Zero; ugh Cough, cough...
Taichi: Are you OK, Zero?
Gon: Th thank you Zero. But Zero, I think you overdid it...
Zero: Hehe, I wanted to show you as soon as possible. That if I really tried I could learn to swim. I'm still not very good, though...
Taichi: If Digimon really try hard, they have limitless possibilities.
Zero: Now, time for more training!
Taichi: That's the spirit.

Gon: Hey Do you think I could train with you guys I can do it, too! I'm gonna try and get stronger!
Taichi: Gon! All right, let's do it together! If we have you with your great swimming skills on our side, that's like the strength of 100 men!
Zero: Yeah!
Gabo: I think you mean 100 mon.

Picodevimon: Hmm...
Etemonkey: Ukiki... It looks like they're on their way...
Marine: Hahaha. Just leave it to me, Etemonkey. They'll just add to the debris at the bottom of the ocean...

Zero: Waah!
Gabo: Woah, you did it Zero! You swam great!
Zero: Hehehe, I'm not afraid of an ocean battle. We're 100%, right Taichi!
Taichi: Y, yeah

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