Chapter V-7: The Reason for Victory...

Title: The Reason for Victory
Taichi: This time we'll show you a taste of defeat!
Triceramon: Hmph! It seems like you have some sort of plan, but I'm not one to be beaten by the tricks of some puny human!
Gabo: Oh!

Triceramon: You won't get away this time, I'll crunch you to bits!
Taichi: Triceramon, no matter how hard your body may be there's one place you can't protect! Zero! Shoot a V Breath Arrow into his mouth!
Zero: OK!
Triceramon: What?

Triceramon: Aaagh!
Taichi: Yes!
Gabo: You won!

Taichi: Yeah, I guess my strategy was pretty good....
Zero: Yeah, I guess my power's pretty high...
Taichi: Well, anyway, we're a 100% combination.
Zero: Perfects aren't that hard.
Gabo: Give it rest guys. You guys sure scare me sometimes. But, you won, so I guess that's what matters...
Etemonkey: Ha, ha, ha, is that so?
Gabo: Huh? Ah... Ah...ah...
Triceramon: You won't beat me this easily...

Triceramon: Never take a Perfect lightly! Tri Horn Attack!
Zero: Taichi, Gabo, watch out!
Taichi: Ze.. Zero!

Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: Zero!
Gabo: H, he took his special attack straight on...
Triceramon: Do you get it now? Do you realise you meaningless a human's strategies are? Just because a human gives his underling a suggestion doesn't mean it'll work against a Perfect like me!
Taichi: Ooh...

Zero: You're wrong, You're wrong, Triceramon...
Taichi: Zero!
Triceramon: Impossible how can he still stand?
Zero: You just don't get it. That's not what a Tamer's all about!
Triceramon: What?
Taichi: I'm sorry Zero! I wasn't prepared...
Zero: Don't worry Taichi. He's taken a lot of damage, too. His attack's lost some of its strength.

Zero: I can still fight.
Taichi: Hey, stop it. Don't overdo it!
Gabo: He's right Zero. If you use up your power, it's all over for you!
Zero: I can still fight.

Taichi: All right, let's go Zero!
Zero: Thanks, Taichi!
Triceramon: Ha...! Don't you value your life? You leave me no choice but to take it Ugh it's no use. If I use any more power I might die. can this guy keep going?
Zero: Pay attention Triceramon, this is a Tamer's power!
Triceramon: What?

Triceramon: Ugh!

Gabo: You did it!
Zero: We won. Ooh...
Taichi: Zero, are you OK? I'll take care of you right now!
Triceramon: I see... No matter how injured, his Tamer is there to look after him. He has that peace of mind, so he can fight to his limit. This is the hidden side of a Tamer's power... It's my loss
Taichi: So this is a Perfect...

Gabo: But Triceramon is a Data, a good monster. Why...?
Etemonkey: That's how great Demon's strength is, to be able to control him.
Taichi: Etemonkey!
Etemonkey: Yay! It looks like you managed to win somehow, Puppy Baby. But if you had a hard time just with a fight like this, you've still got a long way to go.

Zero: You think so? I thought it was a pretty easy fight, right Taichi?
Etemonkey: Don't try and pretend! You're bandaged up like a mummy! Anyway, I'll acknowledge your victory this time. I'll be looking forward to another exciting show next time. See ya!
Taichi: Etemonkey. I got the Tag of Earth! Just watch, Etemonkey. I promise I'll get the other 4 Tags, too.

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