Chapter V-6: The Threat of the Perfect!

Title: The Threat of the Perfect!
Taichi: And now...
Gabo: What're those?
Taichi: Medicinal herbs. To treat his wounds. We've got to get him all fixed up before his battle with that Perfect...
Zero: Aaah...
Gabo: Look at him sighing in pleasure. Teehee.

Gabo: I can't believe you found these, though...
Taichi: From the time I got here to when I met up with you. We spent a lot of time looking for various herbs and such.
Zero: Yeah, we tried out a lot of stuff. Th...this is..
Taichi: P...poison...
Zero: Ugh! This herb's inedible!
Taichi: Ugh!
Zero: But this leaf was especially gross. I thought I was gonna die...
Taichi: Yeah. It's perfect for a salve, though...
Gabo: Ugh! Bitter! Aee ah ah ay oh!
(Can also mean Hurry up and say so)
Taichi: Oh, did you eat it?
Zero: Ahahaha!
Taichi: Well, at any rate, Always keep your monster healthy! is the most important rule of being a tamer!

Triceramon: Hahaha. Only someone inexperienced would be wounded by a battle like that...
Taichi: That voice?
Triceramon: That someone like that. Would try to oppose Lord Demon or even a Perfect like me...

Triceramon: Is absurd!
Gabo: There he is! A Perfect! He...he's huge...
Zero: So this is a Perfect!
Picodevimon: Hmm...
Etemonkey: Ukiki... Give me a good show Puppy Baby.

Triceramon: Come on! I'll teach you the difference between us!
Zero: Hmph! Who cares if you're a Perfect? That Tag is will be ours! Take this!
Gabo: He did it! He got a good punch in!
Triceramon: Hahaha...

Triceramon: That itches. Is that your best punch?
Zero: D...darn it!
Triceramon: Wahaha! I can't feel a thing!
Gabo: What's going on? Zero's not damaging him a bit...
Triceramon: This is a real punch!
Gabo: Aah!

Zero: Ugh... Such power...
Taichi: Watch out Zero!
Triceramon: It's still to early for surprise... Take this! My killing...

Triceramon: Tri-Horn Attack!
Taichi: Get outta the way Zero!
Zero: Ooh...

Gabo: A...aieee...
Triceramon: Don't take a Perfect lightly...Our offence, defence, speed, everything is perfect...

Triceramon: We won the tough battle of life and were able to evolve. We are the chosen monsters. We are the Perfects! No little Champion is a match for me!
Taichi: It's true you're really powerful. But don't forget that we're here as a combo!
Triceramon: Hmph! A human doesn't concern me!

Triceramon: Do you think you can make up for the difference in strength
Zero: Waah!
Triceramon: I'll crunch you to bits! Now what're you gonna do?
Taichi: Roll over on your side Zero!

Gabo: Oh! Zero! What're you thinking Taichi? Wh...what on Earth's going on?
Triceramon: Haha! Fools! It's only your talk that's big!
Etemonkey: No monster has escaped from this position before! The end. Sorry to say, but it's over for you!
Triceramon: Gwahahahaha. Hahahaha! Huh? Ugh!

Triceramon: Ugh! Ugh!
Etemonkey: What? What happened Triceramon?
Taichi: Are you OK, Zero...?
Zero: Yeah, thanks Taichi. Hehehe. My bandages are all wet, though.
Gabo: I get it! The herbs!
Etemonkey: What?
Gabo: The reason you had Zero turn sideways. Was to get those bitter herbs in his mouth!
Taichi: Exactly.
Etemonkey: What?

Triceramon: Ooh. You impudent. Playtime is over! This time I'm serious!
Taichi: No...That's my line.
Zero: Don't take us lightly Triceramon!
Taichi: This time we'll show you a taste of defeat!

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