Chapter V-58: Thank You!

Title: Thank You!

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Demon: I...
Demon: Impossible...
Demon: I...can't believe...
Demon: They're this powerful...

Demon: Aaaaaaargh!

Taichi: We won...

Gabo: He did it! Zero won!
Holy Angemon: He beat the Dark Virus...
Jijimon: Their hearts made the Digimental shine, destroying Demon's Dark Virus.

Taichi: Zero...

Zero: Hehe! I won, Taichi.
Taichi: Yeah, you were great, Zero!
Taichi: Hahaha, you're such a crybaby, Zero.
Zero: No, you.

Holy Angemon: Finally...the battle's over...

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-no text-

Holy Angemon: It's time to say goodbye...
Taichi: Yeah.
Zero: Where's Neo...?
Holy Angemon: He already left.

Holy Angemon: He may have been manipulated by Demon, but he still hurt many Digimon. He probably found it hard to face everyone...
Jijimon: I hope he recovers soon...
Pal: I dunno, he seemed like he was always a bit rebellious.
Pul: But I bet he's really nice deep down, just like you, Sis.
Hideto: He'll be fine.
Hideto: When Taichi was about to fall, he didn't hesitate to help him.
Hideto: He was thinking about the Digimental then, too...
Hideto: He's just as optimistic and stubborn as you, Taichi.
Holy Angemon: You're right.

Holy Angemon: Zero, thank you for hearing to our plea. You two saved our world!
Zero: It was nothing! Right, Taichi!?
Taichi: Yeah! Our adventures in this world were really fun!
Taichi: Taking care of Zero was the hard work.
Igamon: That's one thing that hasn't changed.
Leo: I thought they were just brats at first...
Leo: But they turned out to be really great guys.
Gabo: But it'll be lonely...
Gabo: Without them...
Gabo: I wish Taichi were my Tamer...
Gabo: Then I could go with him...

Taichi: Watch over this world for me, Gabo.
Taichi: And make sure no one like Demon ever appears again.
Gabo: Taichi...
Taichi: Protect this place!
Taichi: I'm counting on you!
Gabo: ...Yeah.
Gabo: ...Yeah!
Gabo: I promise...
Gabo: I'll follow your command, Taichi!

Taichi: Okay, I'll email you, so be sure to read it!
Taichi: Guys!
Taichi: Farewell!
Taichi: Thanks, everyone! Thanks, Digimon World!

Taichi: And thank you to my adventure with Zero, too!

-no text-

Taichi: See you later!
Mom: Hey, Taichi!
Mom: You were out all night and now you're going out again!?
Mom: What about your homework!?
Taichi: Sorry! Today's an important day!
Taichi: Right, Zero!?

Taichi: How are you doing, Gabo!?
Taichi: It seems like time flows differently in our world.
Taichi: That long adventure was just one day of summer vacation here.

Taichi: We're doing well.
Taichi: Today's the D-1 Grand Prix.
Taichi: Of course I'm aiming for first place.
Taichi: What!?
Sign: D-1 Grand Prix Tournament
Taichi: ...Or at least I was...

Man: You can't.
Taichi: Why not!? Zero's my Digimon. I raised him!
Man: That Digimon's not listed anywhere. Maybe it's a bug.
Taichi: Zero's not a bug!
Hideto: I knew it...
Taichi: They wouldn't let me participate. *cries*
Mari: Looks like the hero of the Digimon World isn't recognized here.
Sigma: They wouldn't even let V-dramon in, so of course no one knows about Alforce.
Taichi: Oooh, damn it!
Neo: Of course they don't recognize a crazy Tamer and Digimon like you guys.
Taichi: Oooh...
Neo: Just wait.

Neo: The real battle's still to come.
Taichi: Huh?
Neo: If I can't beat you, I can't call myself a real Tamer.
Neo: Taichi.
Taichi: N, Neo...
Rei: Brother...
Hideto: Looks like it's Neo who really recognizes Taichi for who he is.

Taichi: Okay, I'll be sure to tell Gabo about my victory!
Neo: There's nothing sure in this world, Taichi...
Man: And the winner is, Saiba Neo!

Neo: Are you ready?
Taichi: Yeah!
Neo: Battle start!
Taichi: Okay!

Taichi: Let's go, Zero!
Zero: Okay, Taichi!

The End.

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