Chapter V-57: Future

Title: Future
Demon: Mwahahahahahaha!

Demon: I can see the human world.
Demon: I will be the king of all worlds!
Hideto: Damn it...!
Hideto: Demon's rising up towards the human world...!
Demon: The weak will be destroyed.
Demon: That's the law of the Monsters!

Demon: Algol's Flame!
All: Waah!
Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: Zero!?

All: Waah!

Demon: Hahahahaha!
Hideto: Ooh...
Hideto: A, are you guys okay...?
Jijimon: Ugh...!
Sigma: Yeah...somehow...
Leo: Thanks to Zero, the damage was light...
Gabo: Zero!

Hideto: Are you okay!? Zero!
Hideto: Zero!
Hideto: Ooh...
Hideto: Even Zero's no match for him...?
Hideto: Is there no way to stop Demon...?
Gabo: Zero!?
Zero: I'm okay.
Zero: I can still fight...
Rei: Zero...!

Zero: I won't lose...
Zero: I have Taichi.
Zero: As long as I have the strength to fight...
Zero: I'm sure Taichi can do something!

Gabo: Huh!?
Gabo: Speaking of Taichi...!?
Hideto: He's gone. Could he be...!?
Mari: Under the rubble!?
Sigma: No, he's over there!
Gabo: Taichi...
Leomon: What does he mean to do!?
Neo: I, is...
Neo: He...
Sigma: Huh!?

Taichi: The Digimental!
Sigma: I get it. He's gonna use the Digimental on Zero!
Hideto: What?!

Gabo: Taichi...
Rei: Taichi...!
Holy Angemon: Amazing.
Leo: Even now, he's still not giving up...
Taichi: Just wait, Zero!
Taichi: As long as you can fight, I'll do my best!
Hideto: Whoa!?
Hideto: Thanks to God Matrix and that last blast, the ground's unstable.
Hideto: Watch out, Taichi!

Taichi: Wah!
Gabo: Oh!
Taichi: Whoa!

Gabo: He did it!
Taichi: Huh!?
Gabo: Oh!
Hideto: The ground...!
Hideto: It's breaking up!
Taichi: Ugh!
Gabo & Hideto: Taichi!

Taichi: Neo...!

Neo: The future belongs to those who don't give up...
Neo: I suddenly...want to believe those words...
Taichi: Thanks, guys...
Taichi: Please...
Taichi: Lend Zero your strength!
Hideto: Okay!

Taichi: Shine, Digimental! Give Zero strength!

Demon: Huh!?
Demon: What...!?
Demon: What's...
Demon: This light...!?

Zero: Alforce V-dramon Future Mode!

Demon: I, impossible!
Demon: He evolved!?
Zero: Demon! I won't let you invade the human world!
Gabo: Wow! Zero evolved to Super Ultimate!
Taichi: Zero...
Jijimon: What a bright light...!

Rei: This is...the future...!
Demon: Haha! Super Ultimate!?
Demon: Don't make me laugh!

Demon: What!?
Demon: Whoa!

Gabo: Whoa!
Gabo: Zero's strong!
Neo: This is Zero...!
Neo: I didn't believe in the future...!
Neo: I didn't trust the Monsters...
Neo: But...Digital Monsters...

Neo: Can shine so brightly when you believe in them!
Taichi: Go!
Demon: Impossible! I am the one and only king.
Demon: I am the strongest!
Zero: Whoa!

-no text-

Demon: Ugh!

Zero: But...
Zero: We're stronger!
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