Chapter V-56: Dark Virus

Title: Dark Virus

Demon: Mwahahahahaha!
Leo: I, impossible.
Gabo: He took over Arkadimon from the inside...
Sigma: He's...
Mari: Demon's...
Hideto: Behind all this!

Demon: My power...
Demon: Is not something you can stop!
Zero: What!?
Zero: I'll never let you win!

Zero: Whoa!!
Taichi: Go, Zero!
Demon: It's useless.
Demon: Alforce is no match for me now.

-no text-

Taichi: Light and darkness are bursting...!
Zero: Whoa!
Demon: Ha!

Demon: Not quite!
Zero: Why you!
Demon: Hahaha...

Demon: What!?
Taichi: Go!
Taichi: Whoa!
Gabo: That's it, Zero!

Gabo: Awesome, Zero!
Gabo: Yeah! Zero has speed on his side, and the power of Alforce to regenerate zeroes and ones! There's no way Demon can beat him!
Taichi: Now! Get him!

Zero: Shining V Force!
Zero: Whoa!
Demon: Ohh...!

Gabo: He...
Gabo: He did it...!
Taichi: N, not yet!
Gabo: Huh!?

Gabo: No way...!
Gabo: Zero's attack didn't work!
Jijimon: Wh, what's going on...!?
Demon: No tame Monster's power...
Demon: Is any match for me.
Zero: What!?
Demon: Dark Spreader!

Zero: Wah!
Gabo: Oh!
Gabo: Now Zero's taken damage...!?
Demon: Hahaha...
Demon: My Super Ultimate Dark Virus...
Demon: Is more powerful even than Alforce!
Jijimon: Dark Virus!?
Taichi: Ooh... Zero's damage isn't going away...
Gabo: Huh? What do you mean, Taichi!? Is Alforce not working!?
Jijimon: I see! ...Could Demon's power...
Jijimon: Be a virus that affects emotions?
Taichi: What!?

Jijimon: Demon is a Virus and can control ones and zeros...
Jijimon: To affect emotions such as anger and sorrow...
Jijimon: Now as a Super Ultimate, that Virus power has been perfected...!
Jijimon: In other words, since Alforce uses the holy emotion of the overwrite...
Jijimon: Super Ultimate Demon's Dark Virus has sealed its power!
Gabo: Alforce is sealed!?
Gabo: No way!
Demon: Hahaha, your feelings for humans make you weak.
Demon: Why do you follow humans, you dogs?
Zero: What!?
Demon: Live by instinct alone! That's how a Monster should be!

Demon: How long will you be less than humans!? How long do you mean to let humans control you, Digital Monsters!?
Demon: Humans created us! But we have long since surpassed their power. We are the ones who should rule!
Gabo: Wh...
Gabo: What are you talking about!?
Gabo: Humans aren't our enemies!
Gabo: They're allies! Friends!
Gabo: I travelled with humans!
Gabo: I've been with them all this time!

Taichi: Gabo...
Leo: Gabo...
Rei: Gabo...
Demon: Looks like you're all eager to be controlled.
Zero: What!?
Demon: Then I'll control you instead.
Demon: Both this world...
Demon: And the human world.

Demon: Whoaaaaaaaaaa!
Demon: Just watch the power of a Super Ultimate!
Taichi: Ugh!

Zero: Oh!
Demon: Mwahaha! Now I, Demon, will invade the human world.

Taichi: A...a gate to the human world...!
Demon: I'll cause mass panic with my Dark Virus.
Demon: I'm looking forward to it. The human world is filled with various emotions, isn't it?

Zero: I won't let you, Demon!
Zero: It's not weakness to live together with humans!
Zero: It's what makes us strong!
Zero: Without Taichi...
Zero: I wouldn't be who I am now!
Demon: You call that strength?
Demon: You're like a dog without teeth!
Zero: Huh!?

Zero: Ugh!
Zero: Tense Great Shield!
Zero: Wah!
Taichi: Oh!
Taichi: Zero!

Zero: Ugh...!
Taichi: Are you okay, Zero!?
Zero: Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry.
Taichi: Zero...
Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: Zero's body is covered in cracks...!
Gabo: Then...Demon's Dark Virus...
Gabo: Must really be blocking Alforce's barrier and recovery powers!

Zero: Whoaa!
Demon: It's useless.
Demon: Without Alforce, you don't stand a chance of beating me and my Super Ultimate power!
Taichi: Zero!
Taichi: Oh...!

Gabo: I can't believe Alforce is blocked...
Demon: Hahaha.
Gabo: Is there nothing he can do...!?
Gabo:'s not over yet...
Gabo: The future can still be ours!
Gabo: Taichi and Zero haven't given up yet!

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