Chapter V-55: Truth

Title: Truth

Neo: Rei...!
Taichi: Rei!
Zero: Rei!

Zero: Ugh...!
Arkadimon: Gichigichi.
Neo: Stop it, Arkadimon!
Hideto: Oh...!
Zero: Why you...!

Zero: Don't interfere!
Arkadimon: Gigigi!

Neo: Rei...!
Taichi: Rei!

Taichi: Thank God... He made it...
Neo: Rei...

All: Are you okay!?
All: Rei!
All: Rei!
Rei: G, guys...
Taichi: Neo...
Rei: Brother...

Neo: ...Rei...
Neo: Why...?
Neo: Why would you do something stupid like that...?
Rei: It's...
Rei: It's my fault the world's being destroyed...
Rei: I couldn't stand it...
Neo: Why!?
Neo: An accident made you unable to walk...
Neo: And I'm trying to build a new world where things like that can't happen...!

Neo: You'll be able to live in a perfect world, Rei, not like the real world where you never know what will happen!
Neo: Weren't you sad about what happened!?
Rei: I don't...want that world, Brother...
Rei: What I was sad about was the way you changed since the accident...!
Rei: I just wanted to be with you guys again the way you were...!
Neo: Rei...
Taichi: Neo...!

Taichi: I've felt it while I was travelling with her. She didn't despair about the real world...
Taichi: She was optimistic...
Taichi: So why are you despairing?
Taichi: Didn't you want to be a doctor!?
Taichi: Don't you want to help her get better!?
Neo: Shut up, Taichi!
Neo: Just how lucky can you get, you bastard!?
Neo: By some coincidence he happens to evolve, and by some coincidence you happen to keep winning... What do you understand!?
Rei: It's not a coincidence, Brother.
Rei: You should understand more than anyone!
Neo: What!?

Rei: When they were fighting you, no matter how tough it was, they tried their best and didn't give up!
Rei: That's why the future lent them a bit of strength!
Rei: I believe the future is for those who don't give up!
Neo: The for...
Neo: Those who don't...give up?

-no text-

Hideto: Neo...
Hideto: ...You took that thoughtless doctor's words about Rei's legs to heart and despaired more than any of us, didn't you...?
Rei: Brother...
Neo: I...
Neo: You mean...I stole others' future in order to build a future for Rei...!?
Gabu: Wh, what!?

Neo: Waaaaaaaah!
Taichi: Arkadimon turned back into an Ultimate!

Taichi: The Digimental lots its power...!
Taichi: Neo...
Jijimon: The Digimental is activated by a person's pure heart.
Jijimon: That's why I thought Neo would never be able to use it...
Jijimon: But it looks like Neo's feelings for Rei were true.

Jijimon: So the Digimental gave him power...
Rei: Brother...
Jijimon: But it looks like you've realised that's not the way to make her happy...
Taichi: Neo...
Rei: Brother... Even if my legs worked, this isn't the world we should be walking in...
Neo: Rei...
Rei: Brother.

Rei: Let's go back to our world!

Gabumon: I guess it was all because of his love for his sister...
Leo: Now Arkadimon's threat is gone...
Leo: We can finally restore order to the world...

Demon: Hahaha!
Demon: Do you really think so?
Gabumon: Wh, what!?
Gabumon: Arkadimon spoke!?
Neo: What!?
Holy Angemon:'s not him...
Holy Angemon: Th, this voice is...

Holy Angemon: Demon!
Taichi: What!?
Zero: Wh, what!?
Neo: I, impossible.
Neo: I thought he disappeared when Arkadimon ate him...
Demon: Hahaha! Don't underestimate me, brat! I didn't disappear, I entered him of my own free will.
Demon: So I could alter Arkadimon's data and make his power my own!
Neo: What!?

Igamon: I, it's true Demon had the power to manipulate the arrangements of ones and zeroes...
Gabumon: Yeah... He could turn Data Monsters into violent Viruses...
Leo: But...I never thought...
Leo: He'd fuse with Arkadimon...
Demon: It took time, but eventually I was able to enter its body.
Demon: In other words, everything went according to my plan.
Neo: Your plan!?
Demon: That's right, you foolish child!
Demon: You were never more than a part of my plan!
Demon: I needed someone like you to raise the Super Ultimate.
Demon: Someone with an attachment to the Digimon World and the ability to use the Digimental!
Neo: Are you saying you were just using me!?

Demon: It was easy enough for me to amplify your tenacity.
Neo: Wha...!?
Neo: B, but...
Taichi: Neo...
Rei: Brother!
Taichi: Neo!
Taichi: I won't let you get away with this, Demon! You took advantage...
Taichi: Of Neo's attachment to the Digmon World...and his feelings for Rei!

Demon: Mwahahahaha! Such worthless emotion, but I was able to make use of it!
Demon: And thanks to you...
Demon: I can now proceed...
Demon: With my invasion of the human world!

Demon: Demon Super Ultimate!

Demon: Mwahahahahahahaha!
Neo: No way...
Demon: Hahahahaha!
Taichi: Everything's going according to plan!?

Taichi: I don't think so!
Zero: Don't make me laugh, Demon!
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