Chapter V-54: Alforce: The Holy Light

Prophecy: On the dawn of zeroes and ones, a great light from ancient times will shine on the dragon family.
Prophecy: The holy light will become a sword to suppress the evil dragon. It will become a shield, giving new strength to the righteous dragon.
Taichi: Z...Zero is...
Taichi: Reforming...
Jijimon: Th...this is Alforce...
Taichi: A...Alforce!?
Jijimon: That's right...

Zero: Alforce V-dramon!!

Title: Alforce: The Holy Light

Gabu: He...he evolved...
Taichi: Zero evolved!!
Mari: He doesn't look like a dog anymore...!
Rei: Zero...
Taichi: Zero...

Taichi: Such...
Taichi: Such high power levels!!
Jijimon: I can't believe he really gained the Alforce power...
Gabu: Jijimon, what is "Alforce"...?
Jijimon: Well...there was a passage in the log that caught my attention.
Jijimon: It was about the overwrite of Ancient types...
Jijimon: Violent overwrites erode a Digimon's body.
Jijimon: Especially in the case o fthe Ancient types, where their rough temperments led to their near extinction.
Jijimon: But there was also an opposite effect among the overwrites.
Gabumon: Huh!?
Gabumon: Opposite effect!?

Jijimon: Along with the ordinary overwrite which eroded the body...
Jijimon: There was a holy overwrite, born from joy and pleasure and a strong heart which desired to protect the ones it loved.
Jijimon: It had a healing power that strengthened the body and led to evolution.
Jijimon: The log said it was only a legend, but...
Jijimon: It was called...
Jijimon: "Alforce"!!
Taichi: The holy overwrite...
Taichi: Alforce!!
Jijimon: But I had no idea it would lead to evolution like this...
Jijimon: I believe your faith in each other led to Zero's evolution.
Gabu: A...amazing.
Gabu: But he looks so cool now. Is it really Zero...?

Taichi: Zero...
Zero: Taichi...
Both: Alforce, Alforce lalala.
Both: The holy power is Alforce lala.
Gabu: Yep, that's definitely Zero.
Neo: Ooh, saved by another miracle.
Neo: You bugs can't do anything without a miracle to save you...

Rei: It's not a miracle!!
Neo: Rei...
Rei: It's not a miracle... Sigma gave Arkadimon's data to Taichi. The Monsters in the castle gave Zero their power.
Rei: That was all because the two of them didn't give up on trying to save this world.
Rei: I think those who don't give up will make the future!!

Neo: That's nothing but pretty words...
Neo: Taichi! Zero! You're not welcome in my new world!!
Neo: There is no future for you!!
Neo: Who cares about Alforce!?

Neo: It's no match for a Super Ultimate!
Neo: I'll just delete you with God Matrix!
Sigma: Oh! His speed's increased!
Gabu: Go, Zero! Find that behemoth's blind spot and take him down!!
Neo: Hmph! You think you can!?

Neo: Hahahaha!
Neo: Arkadimon has no blind spot!!
Gabu: Oh...!
Taichi: Zero!!

Zero: Alforce Saber!

Mari: Wow, cool!
Sigma: He's even got a sword!
Neo: Hmph! You think you can keep running!?
Neo: I'll delete you!
Neo: Too late!

Neo: God Matrix!!
Gabu: Zero!!

Gabu: Wow! He survived God Matrix!
Neo: Wh...
Neo: What!?

Zero: Tense Great Shield!
Leo: Amazing! I can't believe God Matrix didn't even faze him.
Leo: Why on earth wasn't that barrier disintegrated...?
Holy Angemon: The shield must use the holy overwrite to rewrite its ones and zeroes faster than it can be disintegrated...
Holy Angemon: That's the power of Alforce...
Leo: Such power...
Jijimon: Now that I think of it, Zero's fearsome healing power...
Jijimon: Might have been the holy overwrite, too...

Taichi: What now, Neo!? Your trump card doesn't work anymore!
Neo: Shut up!
Neo: Shut up!
Neo: Shut up!!!
Neo: Holy overwrite!? Alforce!?

Neo: Shut up! I refuse to acknowledge your existence!!
Neo: Dystopia Lances!
Taichi: Show him, Zero!!
Taichi: Show him your strength!!

Zero: Shining V-Force!!

Arkadimon: Gyaaaaaa!
All: Whoa!!
Taichi: Yes!!

Gabu: So this is the legendary power...
Gabu: Amazing! It's amazing!
Jijimon: Yes...!
Jijimon: But what's really amazing is their strength, which revived the legend.
Jijimon: Zero and Taichi's faith in each other...
Jijimon: That strong bond gave birth to the Alforce...!
Jijimon: That that will be the final power that saves the world!
Taichi: Just watch, Neo!

Taichi: This is Alforce...
Taichi: This is the future we believed in...
Taichi: This is our strength!!

Neo: A...Alforce...?
Neo: That's stupid...
Neo: I won't accept it...
Neo: This world is impossible...
Neo: It's a bug...
Neo: It's a bug...
Neo: It's all a bug!
Neo: Destroy the bugs, Arkadimon!
Neo: Smash the world to smithereens!

Arkadimon: Gaaaaaaaa!
Hideto: Whoa!
Rei: Brother, stop!
Hideto: Damn you...
Hideto: Neo...
Neo: I won't accept it...
Neo: I won't accept it!
Neo: I won't acknowledge these bugs!
Neo: I won't acknowledge this unpredictable world!

Neo: I won't allow unpredictable accidents into my world!
Hideto: Accidents!?
Hideto: Is Rei's accident really the reason for all this?
Hideto: Your hatred for the irrationality of the real world...
Hideto: Made you try to build a digital world where tragedies would never happen!
Zero: What?!

Rei: No way...
Rei: That's not true, is it, Brother...?
Neo: Rei...
Neo: Our world will soon be complete...
Neo: Now disappear from our utopia, bugs!
Rei: Stooooooop!
Taichi: Rei...!
Rei: This is horrible, Brother... You're destroying the world for me?
Rei: Getting everyone else mixed up in it...sacrificing the lives of so many Digimon...

Rei: ...I'm sorry...
Taichi: R...
Taichi: Rei!?
Rei: I'm sorry, guys...
Taichi: Rei!!
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