Chapter V-53: The Appearance of the Super Ultimate

Title: The Appearance of the Super Ultimate

All: Whoa!
Gabu: Amazing, Zero!
Gabu: You can win...! You can win...!
Leo: This...will end the battle...

Taichi: How's that, Neo!? Arkadimon doesn't have any energy left for Dot Matrix!
Taichi: The next blow will put an end to your plans!
Zero: Whoa!

Neo: Ha...!
Neo: Hahahaha...
Gabu: What!? What's so funny!?
Gabu: Has the thought of defeat driven you mad!?
Neo: Defeat?
Neo: Me?
Neo: Ha...! Hahahaha!
Neo: Ahahahahahaha...!

Neo: It's true you've got me and Arkadimon up against a wall. I'll give you that, Bug Combo.
Neo: But it looks like even your head's buggy.
Gabu: What!? How can you say that now...?
Neo: Have you forgotten this?

Jijimon: Th...that's...
Jijimon: The Digimental!
Taichi: The Digimental!
Holy Angemon: I was afraid it would come to this...
Neo: The energy to evolve a Monster to Super Ultimate!
Neo: I didn't think I'd have to use this in battle with you.
Neo: But this will be the door to your despair! Game over!

Neo: I'll show you a power that surpasses that of all other Digimon!
Neo: The birth of the Super Ultimate!
Arkadimon: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Taichi: Wah!
Holy Angemon: Whoa!
Taichi: Th...this...
Taichi: This is...

Taichi: A Super Ultimate!

-no text-

Neo: Ahahahaha! Now I'm invincible!
Jijimon: I...impossible.
Jijimon: I can't believe the Digimental responded to Neo...
Seraphimon: Neo! That's no longer a Monster!
Seraphimon: What do you mean to do with this demonic power!?

Neo: I'll show you.
Neo: How the world will change!
Zero: Watch out, guys. Run!
Neo: God Matrix!

-no text-

-no text-

Taichi: Wh...what...?
Taichi: The ground became zeroes and ones...
Neo: Ahahahaha! Just what I expected of a Super Ultimate.
Neo: What amazing power!
Taichi: Neo! Are you going to destroy the world!?

Neo: Destroy it...? No, I'm going to create it.
Neo: I'm going to reset this world and create a new one.
Neo: An Arkadia I will rule over myself!
Taichi: Arkadia?
Neo: A utopia.
Neo: A world that runs entirely according to my rules.
Neo: That's why I named this Monster "Arkadimon".
Neo: Because he will build my Arkadia!
Taichi: What...?

Angemon: We won't allow it!!
Angemon: We'll protect this world!
Zero: S...stop.
Sigma: Wh...what...? Now he can turn them into zeroes and ones without losing energy...?
Mari: What!?

Holy Angemon: Ugh...!
Holy Angemon: We'll...protect...
Holy Angemon: The...
Holy Angemon: Wo...
Zero: Whoa!!

Gabu: Whoa! Zero's body is...!!
Jijimon: No way!! That violent overwrite...
Jijimon: Does he mean to use Dragon Impulse!?
Taichi: Zero...
Jijimon: Stop, Zero... That attack...
Jijimon: Dragon Impulse is too much for you! Your body won't be able to stand it!
Jijimon: Taichi, stop Zero!
Jijimon: Hurry!

Taichi: Zero...!
Jijimon: Taichi!?
Gabu: Taichi...why!?

Taichi: Because...I'm Zero's Tamer...
Jijimon: Huh!?
Gabu: What do you mean, Taichi!?
Gabu: Then you should...
Taichi: I believe in Zero.
Taichi: Go on, Zero!
Taichi: Give him all you've got!
Zero: Whoa!
Gabu: Oh! Zero's light is getting brighter...

Zero: Dragon Impulse!
Gabu: Whoa! Zero!
Jijimon: I see... Right now...
Jijimon: Even if Taichi had stopped him, Zero would still have used Dragon Impulse...
Jijimon: So Taichi...
Jijimon: Wanted to at least let Zero know he was behind him all the way...!
Zero: Whooooooooa!

-no text-

Neo: It's useless.
Gabu: What?!'s not working!?

Zero: I'm not done yet.
Zero: Whoa!
Taichi: Oh...!
Gabu: didn't work...
Zero: I'm not...
Zero: Done yet...!

Neo: No matter how many times you do it, it'll always be the same! It won't work on Arkadimon!
Zero: Ugh...
Zero: Not yet!
Gabu: Zero... It's all right...
Gabu: Please stop!

Taichi: ...Jijimon.
Taichi: What is a Tamer...?
Taichi: In the face of an overwhelmingly powerful opponent, I don't even have a basic plan...
Taichi: There's nothing I can do to help...
Taichi: I can only...encourage him...
Jijimon: Ta...Taichi...
Taichi: You can do it...
Taichi: You can do it... Zero...
Taichi: Zero! You can do it!
Zero: Whoa!!

Jijimon: Taichi... You are sending him a great strength.
Jijimon: The bond you've created is making Zero move.
Jijimon: Even though...he probably doesn't have any strength left...
Taichi: My Digimon hatched!

Taichi: I'm Taichi! Nice to meet you.
Zero: ...Hmm, so you're "Taichi"...
Teacher: Hey, not during class!
Taichi: Sorry, but it's time to feed him!
Taichi: Are you sick, too?
Taichi: Let's keep warm and just sleep today.
Zero: Taichi...
Man: Your Monster's not official; it must be a bug, don't you think?
Taichi: What?
Taichi: Don't make fun of Zero!
Zero:'re a good guy...

Taichi: Wah!
Zero: Don't be scared. I'm your Monster, Zero.
Taichi: Huh!?
Zero: Don't worry, Taichi. I'll protect you.
Zero: Yahoo!
Zero: I'll protect you...
Zero: I'll protect you...

Zero: I'll protect you all!
Zero: Whoa!
Taichi: Zero!

-no text-

Taichi: Zero!

Neo: Ahahahahahaha!
Neo: He exploded!

Seraphimon: He...he was our last ray of hope...
Gabu: Ooh... Zero...
Gabu: Zero...
Neo: Hahaha, your days as a bug Tamer are over.
Neo: Now this will be my perfect Arkadia!

-no text-

Taichi: Wh...what's that...!?
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