Chapter V-50: The Courage That Binds

Title: The Courage That Binds

Jijimon: Th...this is...
Jijimon: The ones and zeroes are fighting each other...!
All: Huh!?

Sigma: Wh...what does it mean? Jijimon...
Jijimon: I can't believe it... I can only surmise that Zero's body is resisting being dissolved.
Sigma: Resisting!?
Jijimon: I don't know... Ordinary Monsters don't have this power...
Jijimon: Is it a mysterious power that only these unknown Ancient Types have...!?
Gabo: Then Zero will recover!?
Jijimon: Perhaps...but his resistance is growing weaker...
Jijimon: ...His energy must be running out...
Mari: But...then what should we do...?

Jijimon: I'm going to read the ancient texts I have...
Jijimon: There might be something there about the secrets of Ancient Types, or a way to heal him...
Rei: His energy...
Rei: Gabo, what are you doing...!?
Gabo: I have energy! Zero...please...please open your eyes!
Igamon: Me, too...
Pul:, too!
Pal: Hey, Pul...!

Rei: Taichi...!?
Rei: Taichi!

-no text-

Omegamon: War Greymon and Metal Garurumon, evolve! Omegamon!
Holy Angemon: Holy Angemon, evolve! Dominimon!
Leo: Panjamon, evolve! Regulumon~!
Neo: Why, if it isn't all the losers gathered together.

Neo: Did you train and develope a new attack mode...
Neo: In order to get revenge for your defeat, General?
Holy Angemon: I can't allow your violence to continue any longer.
Neo: It's useless... Weak Monsters like yourselves will never be able to defeat Arkadimon, no matter how hard you try.
Leo: What...?
Neo: When I defeat you, I will have complete control of the Digimon World.

Neo: This world will be mine!
Leo: I don't think so!

Holy Angemon: We don't know where the Dox Matrix is coming from!
Holy Angemon: Don't let him break our formation!
Leo: Right!

Neo: Hehehe...! So the three of them are working together, eh?
Taichi: The battle's begun...
Taichi: ...But...
Taichi: There's nothing I can do now...

Taichi: No... I wasn't able to do anything before, either...
Taichi: Not protect this world or stop Neo's plans.
Taichi: ...I guess this means Neo really is better...
Rei: Taichi.
Rei: That's not true!
Rei: You haven't lost to him!
Rei: You're better!
Taichi: Rei?
Rei: My brother was always such a huge presence in my life.
Rei: He wanted to be a doctor and was so kind and big-hearted.

Rei: But now my brother's becoming less and less great to me.
Rei: I think you're much better than him, Taichi.
Taichi: Stop...
Taichi: I haven't been able to do anything...
Rei: No, you and Zero...
Rei: Have brought everyone together!
Taichi: Huh?
Rei: Come with me!

Taichi: Wh...what's this...?
Gabo: Waah, Taichi!
Taichi: Gabo...
Gabo: Everyone...everyone's giving...
Gabo: Zero their energy!

Taichi: All this energy...
Taichi: Gon!
Taichi: You're Gon, aren't you!?
Gon: Long time, no see, Taichi.
Gon: The orders came for us to withdraw, but I couldn't just do nothing...
Gon: So I came here hoping to be of some help and saw Zero...
Taichi: Gon...
Kentaurmon: After all, Zero has given us a lot.

Taichi: Kentaurmon!
Kentaurmon: It's the least we can do to repay him.
Starmon: It wouldn't do to have a true star like Zero being in trouble like this!
Taichi: Starmon! You, too...!
Rei: They've all gotten courage from you and Zero.
Rei: Me, too...
Rei: The courage to not give up!
Taichi: Rei...

Rei: What you've done for everyone is amazing!
Rei: You've brought everyone together like this!
Taichi: G...guys...

Taichi: Zero...
Taichi: He's fighting...
Taichi: Zero isn't giving up. He's fighting!
Taichi: Thanks, guys...
Taichi: ...Sigma.

Taichi: Show me...
Taichi: Arkadimon's data!

Leo: Regulus Cutter!
Leo: Hmph!
Leo: What speed!
Hideto: Don't stop moving! If you do, Dot Matrix will get you!
Leo: I know!

Neo: Heh! Skewer them one by one, Arkadimon!
Leo: He can't shake him off at that speed...!
Omegamon: Damn it... We'll never win if we can't tell where Dot Matrix is coming from...
Omegamon: Hideto...give me a command...
Hideto: A command...
Hideto: I've got it...
Hideto: ...But...
Hideto: But this will...

Omegamon: Don't hesitate, Hideto!
Omegamon: If you have a plan then don't worry about me!
Hideto: Omegamon...
Omegamon: Hideto...
Hideto: All right! I'm counting on you, Omegamon!
Hideto: Uplink!
Omegamon: Roger.
Neo: Has he given up!?
Neo: What's he doing!?

Hideto: Close range...
Hideto: Garuru Canon!
Neo: What...!?
Holy Angemon: What?
Holy Angemon: At that distance, he'll be caught in the blast, too...
Leo: H...he can't mean to destroy himself!?

Omegamon: Garuru Canon!
Omegamon: Ugh...

Leo: O...
Holy Angemon: Omegamon!

?: Oh!
Neo: Hahaha! Don't you get it yet, Hideto!?
Neo: Your tricks are useless against Arkadimon!
Holy Angemon: I see!
Holy Angemon: So that's it, Hideto...!

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