Chapter V-5: 100% Ready!

Title: 100% Ready!
Gabo: Dear Lord Holy Angemon. We've already run into trouble. Zero's attack didn't even phase the enemy. There's no way he'll be able to beat all the Perfect monsters awaiting us. Taichi and Zero are so depressed...

Taichi: Yay... The cold water feels great!
Gabo: Hey Taichi! This is no time to be fooling around!
Taichi: What a great day. Perfect for fishing!
Gabo: Listen to me! Don't you understand our situation?
Taichi: I know. This is the Valley of the Dragon, where the first Tag lies...
Gabo: Exactly! We don't know when the enemy might attack and Zero's in such shock that he can't even eat. At least have the decency to be a little nervous!

Gabo: D...don't tell me that you've realised there's no way you can win and just given up?
Taichi: Oh Gabo, you're such a worrywart. Hahaha! You need to relax more, play around in the water a bit.
Gabo: Glub glub, stop it! What should I do? It looks like Taichi's lost his mind from the shock of seeing a Perfect Digimon.
Taichi: Who're you talking to? What is it Zero? Do you sense something?
Gabo: What? It... It couldn't be...

Gabo: Waah! The enemy! Aieee! And there's another one over by the waterfall!

Gabo: Wah... Two at once...
Deltamon: Grrr... I'll kill anyone who enters this valley...
Dark Tyrannomon: Grrr... No one is allowed near me...

Taichi: Oh, they're not even Perfects. Hmph!
Gabo: Fool! As a tamer you should know how tough these guys are!
Taichi: Their boss is probably a Perfect. If we beat these guys he'll come out.
Gabo: How can you be so nonchalant? Wah! They've got him surrounded! You've got to give him some sort of command! Taichi!
Taichi: Zero doesn't need my help now.
Gabo: What?

Taichi: But I'll say it anyway... Give it all you've got Zero!
Gabo: Oh!
Taichi: That's one down!
Gabo: Aiee! Here it comes! Deltamon's most powerful attack, Triplex Force!

Gabo: Here it comes! Zero! Wah! That's horrible... Zero... He got Zero...!
Taichi: Ha...

Taichi: Not quite. That's Dark Tyrannomon. Zero used him as a shield!
Gabo: What? Then, where's Zero?
Taichi: Up there!
Gabo: it comes again
Taichi: Not so fast. Those heavy arms won't be able to lock in on him in time. Go Zero!

Zero: V Breath Arrow Max! Disappear!
Taichi: Yes!

Gabo: T...that's amazing... He beat two at once. Wasn't Zero depressed...?
Taichi: Just the opposite.
Gabo: Huh?
Taichi: It looks like Etemonkey just fired Zero up. So don't worry, Gabo...

Taichi: If Zero's 100% ready. We'll always win!
Zero: Who cares if they're Perfect!
Gabo: Taichi...Zero.
Taichi & Zero: Hehe...
Taichi: Come on, come on Perfects!
Zero: The Tags are ours!
Gabo: Can't you at least be a little bit nervous?
Picodevimon: Hmm...

Etemonkey: Ukiki. Not too bad. Looks like it's your turn, Triceramon...
Triceramon: Hmm He sure thinks a lot of himself for just being Adult stage. Just watch, Etemonkey. I'll make mincemeat out of him!

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