Chapter V-49: Dot Matrix

Title: Dot Matrix

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Caption: Holy Angemon's Castle

Leo: What!?
Leo: Zero's been seriously injured!?
Leo: A...are you okay, Zero!?
Leo: Hurry! Get him to the intesive care unit!
Leo: Taichi...
Leo: Jijimon, how is Zero doing!?
Jijimon: I don't know what to say... His body is decaying into ones and zeroes!
Jijimon: He's still just barely breathing, but I don't know what to do...!

Jijimon: Anyway, there's lots I need to research! I need to use your equipment, Holy Angemon!
Holy Angemon: Please do!
Caption: Intensive Care Unit
Taichi: Zero...

Holy Angemon: Taichi won't leave Zero's side...
Leo: Well, it's no wonder, considering Zero's condition...
Leo: What on earth...
Leo: Did Arkadimon do to him...?
Leo: Not even Taichi knows...
Leo: There's no way we can fight it...
Geckovich: Hmph! Leo...I'm sick of relying on humans!
Leo: Geckovich...
Geckovich: Humans are all worthless!
Geckovich: Taichi's a liar! Who's a "100% Tamer" now!?

Mari: Why you...
Hideto: Quit it, Mari.
Sigma: Taichi's a great Tamer!
Sigma: He just didn't know Arkadimon's secret power!
Mari: Sigma...!
Geckovich: Wh...what, what!?
Geckovich: Who on earth are you!?
Geckovich: What are you doing here!?
Gabo: Oh... These three humans used to be Neo's allies, Alias III.
Gabo: But now they've left Neo and joined our side.
Geckovich: Wha...?
Geckovich: Neo's allies!?

Rei: And these guys are Pal and Pul.
Rei: They helped me escape... It was too dangerous for them to stay in Demon's Castle, so I brought them with us.
Geckovich: ...And who are you...?
Rei: Sa...Saiba Rei... Neo's sister...
Geckovich: Aaaaaaa!
Geckovich: This is ridiculous!
Geckovich: I can't believe Taichi brought these guys with him!!
Hideto: We all put our hopes in Taichi.
Geckovich: Hopes!?

Leo: But, Sigma...
Leo: You mentioned Arkadimon's secret power...
Leo: Just what is it?
Sigma: It's called...
Sigma: Dot Matrix.
Sigma: An invisible attack!

Leo: Dot Matrix!
Holy Angemon: An invisible attack...?
Sigma: Yes.
Sigma: I only found out after scanning Arkadimon's data directly.

Sigma: Apparently Dot Matrix is able to take anything, whether physical or energy...
Sigma: And instantaneously turn it into ones and zeroes so he can absorb it!
Right caption: Dissolve
Left caption: Absorb
Sigma: So his opponents disappear instantaneously...
Sigma: Without even knowing what hit them.

Mari: No way...
Hideto: It can dissolve...and absorb invisibly...
Hideto: I the reason Omegamon's Garuru Cannon and Grey Sword didn't work...
Hideto: Is that they were dissolved before they hit him!
Mari: And that's why Zero's arm and wings disappeared...
Mari: I can't believe he had a secret invisible attack...
Mari: So that's why Taichi lost! He didn't even know what was happening!

Leo: ...But why hasn't Zero disappeared yet, then?
Leo: He was hit with the attack, wasn't he?
Sigma: Probably...because Neo wants Taichi to suffer.
Sigma: So he used a slower version of Dot Matrix.
Sigma: He wants Taichi to watch Zero slowly disappear...!
Geckovich: Wh...
Geckovich: What a horrible person...
Leo: Neo is certainly fearsome...
Leo: As is Dot Matrix...
Leo: But if we can prevent him from using it...
Leo: We have a chance of winning!

Patamon: Emergency! Emergency!
Patamon: Neo's troops are invading everywhere! Their destruction knows no bounds!
Leo: What!?
Patamon: Especially Arkadimon. Nothing can withstand him!

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Angemon: Damn it!
Angemon: Th...they disappeared...
Arkadimon: Gichi... Gichi gichi!

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Neo: Hahaha...
Leo: Damn it!
Leo: That bastard!
Leo: Patamon! Send out orders for reinforcements!
Patamon: Right!
Holy Angemon: Wait, Leo!

Holy Angemon: Patamon!
Holy Angemon: Send out orders for all Monsters to retreat immediately!
Patamon: What!?
Holy Angemon: I want you guys to stay here and take care of Zero!
Holy Angemon: And support Jijimon on the research front...
Holy Angemon: And give Taichi moral support!

Leo: Wh...what do you mean, Holy Angemon?
Holy Angemon: Neo's goal right now is to destroy the cities and eliminate Taichi's allies.
Holy Angemon: He probably won't give chase to the retreating Monsters and we'll be able to keep casualties to a minimum.
Holy Angemon: However, Leo...
Holy Angemon: We will meet Neo's forces with our own elite troops!
Leo: All right.

Sigma: Will you be all right, Holy Angemon? Do you have a plan...?
Holy Angemon: We have a score to settle with Neo.
Holy Angemon: We won't lose this time.
War Greymon: We'll fight, too!
Holy Angemon: I've heard about you from Igamon. I'm glad to have you on our side!
Holy Angemon: Warg... Melga...
Holy Angemon: No, Omegamon!
Holy Angemon: Prepare for the attack!

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Jijimon: Huh!?
Sigma: What is it, Jijimon?
Jijimon: Th...this is...
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