Chapter V-48: Delete

Title: Delete

Rei: *panting*
Gabo: Arkadimon's data...
Gabo: Rei was bringing them something important...
Gabo: Hang in there, Zero! Taichi! We'll be there soon!
Gabo: Th...
Rei: That's...

Rei: way...
Rei: We...
Rei: We're too late!?

Taichi: Zero!
Mari: Ze...
Sigma: Zero...!
Zero: Ack...

Taichi: Oh!

Zero: Ugh...

Neo: Hahaha... Offence, defence, speed...
Neo: All down!
Taichi: It's no use... I don't know what attack Arkadimon used... And unless I know his secret, I have no chance of winning!

Taichi: Zero! We've got to get out of here!
Taichi: Use your remaining energy to get away from Arkadimon!

Screen: Flight impossible.
Neo: Looks like your Digivice told you.
Neo: The game's over.
Neo: You can't send him commands anymore.
Neo: Just your farewell.

Neo: You said before...
Neo: That it's a Tamer's job to think up tactics during battle...
Neo: But what can you do now?
Neo: You can't change the future in the face of such overwhelming power!


Taichi: No! Zero!
Taichi: Please move!
Taichi: Listen to me!
Taichi: Hear my voice!
Neo: Hahaha, just watch!
Neo: Watch the pitiful end of a Monster who followed a talentless Tamer!
Zero: ...Talentless?
Zero: Ta...Taichi isn't talentless...
Taichi: Ze...Zero...

Zero: I'll never...!
Zero: I'll never lose to the likes of you!
Neo: It's useless.

Neo: Get out of my sight, bug!

Taichi: Ze...Zero!

Taichi: Zero!
Arkadimon: Gichi...
Arkadimon: Gichi gichi...
Sigma: way...
Mari: I can't believe Zero and Taichi lost...

Sigma: It's over...
Sigma: This world is Neo's now...

Neo: Haha!
Neo: Hahahaha! His body will turn into zeroes and ones and he'll die in agony!
Neo: Just watch as your hopes disappear!
Taichi: Ooh!
Neo: Ahahahahaha!

Rei: *panting*
Gabo: Ze...!
Rei: Zero!

Gabo: Zero!
Rei: Zero!
Rei: Ooh...
Rei: Th...this is my fault.
Rei: If only I'd given them the data...
Gabo:'s not your fault, Rei!
Gabo: You did the best you could, but you were attacked by a fearsome Monster!
Gabo: Come on, Zero! Don't make Rei cry!
Gabo: When're you gonna jump back up again like usual!?
Gabo: Wha...!?

Gabo: Ze...Zero's body...
Gabo: Is turning to zeroes and ones...!
Gabo: Ta...
Gabo: Taichi...
Gabo: What on earth's going on... Zero...

Neo: How's it feel to see your hopes slowly disappear...?

Taichi: Neo!
Rei: Brother, why...?
Rei: Why did you do such a horrible thing!?
Neo: Heh!
Neo: To create a Neo World.
Neo: I have to get rid of the bugs, don't I?
Gabo: ...Neo...World...?
Neo: Hahaha!

Neo: Your despair will only continue, Taichi.
Neo: I'm going to make sure the Digimon World is unable to oppose me.
Taichi: What...!?
Neo: I'm going to eliminate those you tried to protect.
Neo: As Zero's body decays, you can watch as I destroy all your friends...
Neo: Starting with Holy Angemon!

Gabo: ...Wha...
Gabo: What!?

-no text-

-no text-

Neo: Taichi.
Neo: Your despair is the start of a new world.
Neo: Hahahahahahaha!

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