Chapter V-47: Hope and Despair

Title: Hope and Despair

Taichi: Go, Zero!

Taichi: Yes!
Neo: Heh! You think you can defeat him with a punch?
Neo: You must be aware of Arkadimon's defense.

Taichi: I know Arkadimon has a high defense.
Taichi: But if he keeps taking Zero's powered-up punches...
Taichi: Just how long can he last!?
Arkadimon: Gi... Gigi...
Taichi: And Zero's greatest weapon is...
Taichi: Speed!

Taichi: Zero's speed is higher than any Monster's now.
Arkadimon: Gi...
Taichi: Dodge all of Arkadimon's attacks...
Taichi: And keep shaving away his HP, Zero!
Arkadimon: Exile Spear!

Zero: I heard about this attack from Omegamon! It won't work on us!
Taichi: That's right. We have Hideto and Mari...Sigma...
Taichi: And all the Monsters Arkadimon defeated lending us their strength!
Taichi: Zero will never...
Taichi: Lose!

Mari: Amazing... Taichi and Zero really are amazing...
Mari: were worried for nothing!
Mari: Taichi and Zero can beat him!
Taichi: Go, Zero!
Zero: Okay, Taichi!

Neo: So that's your hope, is it...?
Neo: Well, then...
Neo: Put an end to those hopes, Arkadimon.
Sigma: Oh no...!
Sigma:, Zero...
Sigma: No! Zero!

Gabo: Rei...
Rei: G...Gabo...!?
Rei: Where am I...?
Gabo: Thank goodness!
Gabo: You're awake!
Gabo: You were attacked by a Monster and fainted.
Gabo: Taichi and Zero saved you!
Rei: Huh!?
Gabo: Well, I was the one who found you first.
Gabo: It's okay, you don't need to thank me...

Rei: Wh...where's Taichi...!?
Gabo: Huh!?
Gabo: Oh, he went to Demon's Castle.
Gabo: He's battling Neo now.
Rei: way...
Gabo: What is it, Rei...!?
Rei: I've got to go back to Demon's Castle...
Gabo: Huh!? Why? You just escaped!
Gabo: Wait, Rei!
Gabo: I promised Taichi I would protect you. I can't let you go somewhere dangerous like that!
Rei: No, I came to see Taichi!
Rei: I have to see him and give him this!
Gabo: What's that?

Rei: Arkadimon's data is recorded on this card...
Rei: Sigma said this data is essential for Zero to be able to win...
Gabo: What!?
Gabo: So then you wish Monsters after escaped and risked your life to deliver it...?
Rei: But...then I lost consciousness...
Rei: So I've got to go...
Gabo: Wait, Rei!

Gabo: Okay...! I'll go with you.
Gabo: To Demon's Castle.
Gabo: I can't believe Zero would lose... But he's fighting Neo and Arkadimon after all.
Gabo: We've got to do everything we can to help...
Rei: Gabo...
Gabo: So I'm going with you to Demon's Castle!
Gabo: I'll protect you, Rei!

Gabo: Let's go!
Gabo: To Taichi and Zero!

-no text-

Zero: ...Wha...?
Zero: ...Wha...?

Zero: Wah...
Zero: Waaaaaaaah!
Taichi: Zero!

Mari: What!?
Sigma: Zero's arm is disappearing!?
Taichi: What on earth is going on!?
Zero: Wh...what have you done, Arkadimon...?
Neo: Hehehe, offense down.

Zero: Damn it. This is nothing!
Zero: Huh!?
Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: What...?
Neo: Speed...
Neo: Down.
Zero: Huh...!?

Taichi: Oh! Now his wing's disappearing!?

Taichi: Zero!
Zero: Ugh...!
Taichi: What's going on!?
Neo: It's useless trying to scan Arkadimon, Taichi.
Neo: Arkadimon's protected so you can't read his data.
Taichi: Ugh...

Arkadimon: Gichi...
Arkadimon: Gichi gichi gichi...!
Mari: What on earth is going on, Sigma...?
Mari: Is this Arkadimon's power...!?
Sigma: Yeah... Arkadimon's power is fearsome...
Sigma: Neo was probably hiding the extent of his powers on purpose.
Mari: Huh!?
Sigma: In order to make Taichi despair from the bottom of his heart!

Taichi: Just what sort of power...
Taichi: Does Arkadimon have, anyway...!?
Neo: Hehehe, too bad, eh, Taichi?
Neo: Hideto...Mari...Sigma...
Neo: Even with all those idiots helping you, you still can't win.

Neo: You were their hope.
Neo: But it looks like it was misplaced!

Zero: D...don't make me laugh... This is nothing!
Zero: I can still fight!

Taichi: St...
Taichi: Stop, Zero!
Neo: Oho.
Neo: You can still howl, even with your wings of hope torn off, eh?
Zero: Whoa!
Taichi: Stop, Zero!
Neo: Shut this noisy dog up...
Neo: Arkadimon!

Arkadimon: Exile Spear!

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