Chapter V-44: A New Monster

Title: A New Monster

Rei: *panting*
Rei: I've got to reach them...! I've got to give Taichi Arkadimon's data!

Rei: Kyaaaa!
Callismon: Neo is waiting...
Callismon: For me to bring you back to the castle.

Rei: No! I won't go back!
Callismon: You're not being reasonable.

Callismon: So I'll have to put you to sleep!
Rei: Kyaa!

Callismon: Now let's get back to the castle, Rei.
Zero: We're almost to Demon's Castle, Taichi.
Taichi: Yeah.

Gabo: Huh!?
Gabo: Look, Taichi!
Gabo: Someone's there.
Taichi: That's Rei.
Taichi: Rei's being attacked by a Monster!
Taichi: What's Rei doing here!?
Taichi: Zero!
Zero: Right!
Zero: Hey!
Zero: Don't touch...
Zero: Rei!

Callismon: Hmph... You're...
Callismon: Zero and Taichi...!

Callismon: The Ancient Type Digimon and his Tamer...
Zero: So you're one of Neo's henchmen! What have you done to Rei!?
Callismon: Nothing...
Callismon: I just put her to sleep.
Gabo: ...Not again...
Gabo: It's another Monster I've never seen before...
Gabo: First Neo Devimon, now this guy...
Gabo: Who on earth are you!?
Callismon: On Neo's orders...
Callismon: I'm taking Rei to him!
Zero: You think we'll just let you!?

Callismon: I'll thank you not to interfere.
Zero: Huh!?
Zero: What!?

Zero: Wah!
Zero: Ugh!
Taichi: Zero!?

Zero: Wh...
Zero: What's with this guy!?
Taichi: Zero... His power level is really high...
Taichi: Higher than any Monster you've battled before...
Zero: What?!
Callismon: The Monsters you've battled?
Callismon: You can't compare me to them!
Taichi: What?

Callismon: I'm a Monster Neo made.
Callismon: I'm Callismon, a man-made Digimon!
Callismon: I'm a Monster for the new world!
Taichi: Wh...what...!?
Taichi: Neo made you!?
Taichi: So...Neo's started making Digimon!?
Callismon: He made Neo Devimons from Devimons and me from a Grizzmon...

Zero: But the Neo Devimons weren't this strong...
Callismon: That's because they're just underlings.
Callismon: But I'm different!
Callismon: I have part of Arkadimon's data within me!
Zero: A...Arkadimon's...!?
Callismon: That's right...
Callismon: Neo copied Arkadimon's data...
Callismon: In order to make new Digimon.
Callismon: I was the one given the power data.
Taichi: Wait... So then...

Taichi: He might make...
Taichi: More and more Monsters with Arkadimon's data!?
Taichi: way...
Taichi: He defeated Demon, revived the Digimental, raised Arkadimon's...
Taichi: And now he's creating new Digimon, too...
Taichi: Just what do you want to do once you've taken over the Digimon World...Neo!?

Zero: I won't let him take over the Digimon World!
Zero: I'll defeat Arkadimon!
Zero: We'll defeat Neo!

Callismon: Is this the best an Aero V-dramon can do!?
Zero: What!?
Callismon: I don't have orders to defeat you, but if you're going to interfere, I'll show no mercy!
Callismon: I'll destroy you!

Callismon: Deep Forest!
Zero: Ugh...

Gabo: Yikes! Close call... He's fast...!
Callismon: One more time!
Taichi: Above!
Callismon: You fell for it!
Taichi: Huh!?

Callismon: Rodeo Bullet!

Taichi: What!? That bullet attack is the equivalent of V Breath Arrow's energy!?
Gabo: What!?
Taichi: Crap! Zero! Blow them away with the wind!
Zero: Wind Guardian!
Callismon: It's useless!
Callismon: I anticipated this!
Taichi: Huh!?

Zero: What!? The bullets came back!
Taichi: No way! They must be homing bullets!
Taichi: Zero!

Taichi and Gabo: Oh...
Callismon: Haha! He's blow to pieces.
Callismon: I'll be taking Rei now.
Callismon: I told you Neo made me.
Callismon: He also input all your attack patterns!
Gabo: way...
Callismon: Now out of my way.
Zero: Wait, Callismon.

Zero: I'm just fine!
Taichi: Oh! Zero!
Callismon: What!?

Callismon: What's going on!? You don't have the power to withstand that attack...
Zero: Hmph! Don't underestimate an Ancient Type!
Taichi: Zero's stats are increasing drastically!
Gabo: What!?

Taichi: Just like Jijimon said!
Taichi: Zero's powered up!
Zero: The truth is, my body felt really heavy before!
Zero: Now I've finally gotten used to it.

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