Chapter V-43: Hope On

Title: Hope On

Taichi: Jijimon...what are you doing here!?
Jijimon: Long time no see, Zero, Taichi.

Jijimon: I felt Zero's overwrite.
Jijimon: It worried me, so I came as soon as possible...
Hideto: Overwrite...
Jijimon: Do you know about overwrites, Taichi?
Taichi: Yeah...I heard from Hideto.
Background (l-r): Sorrow, anger, pleasure, joy
Taichi: It's when a Digimon's emotions are able to overwrite its data and change things, right?
Taichi: Ancient types like Zero have especially violent overwrites. They're powerful, but it shortens their lifespan...
Taichi: That's why they're legendary...

Jijimon: That's right.
Jijimon: That's why there's never been an Ancient type who evolved beyond Perfect...
Gabo: Hey, Jijimon, Zero's feeling weird.
Gabo: Is that why!?
Jijimon: He used an attack called Dragon Impulse.
Jijimon: The Ancient type's overwrite produced an attack that was more than his body could handle.
Jijimon: Let me see.

Jijimon: Hmm...
Jijimon: Wh...what's this...?
Jijimon: That spectacular overwrite...
Jijimon: Activated Zero's energy...
Zero: Huh!?

Jijimon: His body is trying to adjust to that.
Taichi: ...So...
Taichi: ...What does that mean...!?
Jijimon: For now...
Jijimon: There's no reason to worry.
Jijimon: In fact, I'm surprised at how much he's powered up...

Taichi: Huh!?
Gabo: P...
Gabo: Powered up?
All: Hurray!
All: Powered up!
Hideto: No way... That's unbelievable...
Hideto: How can he have powered up without evolving?
Jijimon: I'm just as surprised.

Jijimon: But, Taichi...
Jijimon: You mustn't use Dragon Impulse again.
Jijimon: It will reduce his lifespane for sure.
Taichi: All right.
Gabo: He's just learned a powerful new attack, but he can't use it. I'm not quite sure how to feel...
Igamon: Me, either.
Zero: What? Just leave it to me!
Zero: I can win without using it!
Zero & Taichi: Lala, power up, la.
Gabo: Oooh... Sometimes I can't stand their optimism...

Jijimon: Even if you've powered up a little, it will still be a difficult battle.
Jijimon: I heard your opponent, Arkadimon, even absorbed Demon.
Taichi: I know!
Igamon: Taichi...
Igamon: I think I'd better tell everyone at Holy Angemon Castle about Demon...
Taichi: Yeah!
Taichi: You're right.
Hideto: Sorry, Taichi, we're no help now...
Taichi: Don't worry about it. You and Omegamon rest now.
Taichi: With the information you gathered, I swear we'll win.

Jijimon: Taichi.
Jijimon: Making new friends is a great power up, too.
Taichi: Yeah!
Hideto: Taichi...
Gabo: All right, we'd better get going, then, Taichi! Zero!
Taichi & Zero: Yeah!

Taichi: Well, then.
Jijimon: I'm counting on you.
Igamon: Good luck!

Hideto: He's grown without evolving. The Ancient types sure are full of surprises...
Jijimon: I wanted to know the truth behind the legends, so I consulted the log, but...
Jijimon: I couldn't understand a thing...
Hideto: Log?
Jijimon: At any rate, Ancient types are nearly legendary. There's never been one raised by a Tamer...
Jijimon: Let's have faith...

Jijimon: In the power they've cultivated...!
Neo Devimon: What are you doing there, Rei!?
Rei: Kyaaaaa!!

Sigma: Ugh...
Mari: Crap...
Rei: M...Mari, Sigma...

Neo Devimon: You're under arrest, intruders!
Sigma: Rei, take this...!
Rei: What's this...?
Sigma: Give that to Taichi! Arkadimon's data is recorded on it!
Sigma: If Taichi sees it, he should be able to come up with something...

Rei: B...but...
Rei: Sigma and Mari, you guys...!?
Sigma: Don't worry about us!
Rei: ...but...
Mari: Quit fooling around and go!
Mari: You want to help Taichi and Zero, don't you?

Rei: Yeah!
Neo Devimon: You're under arrest, intruders!
Rei: Kyaaaaa!!

Pal: This way!
Pal: You sure are a lot of trouble!
Pul: Rei, we'll find a way out!
Rei: Pal...!
Rei: Pul...!

Rei: *panting*
Pal: This is goodbye.
Pal: Don't turn back.
Rei: Thanks.
Rei: What will you two do?

Pal: We'll...
Pul: Protect Sigma and Mari! So nothing bad happens to them!
Pal: Apparently.
Pal: So please!
Pal: Tell this Taichi to destroy Neo!
Pal: Oh...
Pal: Neo's your brother, isn't he...? This is complicated.
Rei: No, it's all right...!

Rei: I'll...go!
Rei: I've gotta do what I can...
Rei: To make my brother open his eyes!

Neo: What? Rei escaped?
Neo Devimon: Yes...some of the Monsters in this castle let her out.
Neo: So there are still some Monsters here who oppose me.
Devimon: Neo, please let me be the one to bring Rei back.
Devimon: I swear I'll bring her back no matter what it takes!
Ogremon: No, let me do it!
Devimon: No, me!

Callismon: Looks like everyone's...
Callismon: Desperate to get on Neo's good side.
Callismon: What a bunch of pathetic weaklings...
Devimon: What!?
Callismon: Your time's up now!

Boltmon: Who are you!?
Devimon: Boltmon...
Callismon: Is this the best...
Callismon: Boltmon can do?
Boltmon: What!?

Callismon: Deep Forrest!
Devimon: Oh...

Callismon: Neo, please let me be the one to bring Rei back!
Neo: Hmph!
Neo: All right.
Neo: Show me what you can do, Callismon!

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