Chapter V-42: Zero's Revival!

Title: Zero's Revival!

Caption: Demon's Castle, laboratory no. 2.
Neo: An ancient type, Aero V-dramon, eh...?
Neo: The very fact that it's legendary means there's much unknown about it, but...

Neo: It's still no match for Arkadimon.
Neo: I've taken all the necessary steps for my plan...
Neo: Now all I have to do is wait...
Taichi: What!?
Taichi: Neo's taken over Demon Castle!?

Hideto: Yeah... Arkadimon absorbed Demon and evolved to Perfect...
Hideto: Neo is now the ruler of that castle...
Taichi: No way...
Gabo: I can't believe he beat Rosemon and Omegamon...
Gabo: Just how strong is Arkadimon anyway?
Hideto: Not even Garuru Cannon or Grey Sword had any effect...
Gabo: His special attacks didn't even work..!?
Igamon: How can we fight him!?

Gabo: Taichi...!?
Taichi: I thought you and Neo were friends, Hideto!
Taichi: So could he do this to a friend...!?
Hideto: Friends, huh...? Neo deceived Alias III.
Hideto: He just used us to further his plans...
Taichi: Anything for his plans, is that it...?

Hideto: ...Taichi...
Gabo: And Zero's still...
Gabo: Not awake...

Hideto: How's Zero doing?
Taichi: 100% better!
Taichi: ...Or so I'd like to say, but...
Taichi: He should have been awake by now, but he's not shown any signs of waking.
Igamon: Dragon Impulse is a violent attack...
Igamon: Maybe the overwrite was too much...and Zero's life...
Gabo: Don't say that!

Gabo: Zero will wake up soon!
Gabo: He's just being lazy as usual!
Gabo: Soon he'll wake up...
Gabo: Like always and say...
Gabo: "Morning."
Neo Devimon: No, he'll never wake again!
Gabo: Wh..what!?

Hideto: Crap! Neo's henchmen!
Hideto: They followed us...
Gabo: Have you seen those Monsters before!?
Igamon: No... There were no Monsters like that in Demon's Castle...
Neo Devimon: I'm Neo Devimon.
Neo Devimon: Neo has ordered us to kill Omegamon.
Taichi: What!?
Neo Devimon: Hehehe... Looks like Omegamon can't even move anymore.

Neo Devimon: Stun Claw!
Omegamon: Aaagh!
Hideto: Oh! Omegamon!
Neo Devimon: Good thing Zero is still sleeping, too! We can finish them both off in one go!
Taichi: Stop!

Gabo: Agh!
Taichi: Wah!
Taichi: Ugh...!
Neo Devimon: Now sleep forever!
Neo Devimon: Die!
Taichi: Zero!

Pul: I can't believe it, Neo...
Pul: How could you feed him Demon...?
Pal: Your brother sure is something...
Pal: What're you gonna do to make it up? My brother's heartbroken.
Pal: At this rate, I guess I'll just have to take you hostage and get him to hand over Demon's Castle!
Rei: That's fine, but...
Rei: You saw. He won't listen to anyone anymore...

Rei: It looks like he even fell out with his friends...
Rei: I want to help Sigma and Mari somehow, but...
Pal: Hmph! I won't help you anymore!
Pul: Um... Pal...
Sigma: I knew it...
Sigma: What's with this data...?

Sigma: Wah! Who're you!?
Pal: Hmph! Come with me!
Sigma: Huh!?
Sigma: Huh!?
Rei: It's all right.
Sigma: Wah!
Rei: These guys are nice Monsters.
Sigma: You're Neo's...little sister...!?

Mari: What's going on!? Why would Monsters from Demon's Castle help us?
Pal: Hmph!
Pal: I didn't help you cause I wanted to!
Pal: Ask stupid Pul!
Pul: Um...
Pul: Can I get your autograph!?
Mari: What!?
Mari: What's going on!?

Pul: I think kindness is fantastic.
Pul: People who cry for Monsters are wonderful!
Pul: So...
Pul: Please write "to Pul".
Mari: Huh...?
Pal: Jeez.
Pal: It's not easy having such a dumb brother.
Sigma: I never imagined getting out like this.
Rei: Aren't you going to escape, Sigma...!?
Sigma: I'm going to the lab...
Sigma: Arkadimon should be resting now. There's something I want to take a look at.
Mari: Huh!?

Mari: What's going on?
Mari: What do you want to look at, Sigma...?

Sigma: Mari, did you see when Omegamon's Grey Sword broke?
Mari: Yeah... It looked as if he didn't even touch him...
Sigma: That's how it looked to me, too.
Sigma: He didn't even touch him, but the sword broke...
Sigma: But in that instant, when I looked at the data, Arkadimon's power had dropped radically...
Mari: ...What does that mean!?
Sigma: There's some sort of secret to his defense!
Sigma: If I can figure it out and tell Taichi...

Mari: What? If you're scared...
Mari: Why don't you escape now?
Rei: I won't do that.
Rei: I want to help Taichi and Zero, too!
Sigma: This is it...! The dot matrix... I get it! This is Arkadimon's secret...!
Neo Devimon: What are you doing here!?
Rei: Oh no! They found us!

Taichi: Zero!

Zero: Whew...
Zero: What a way to wake up...
Gabo: Oh...
Gabo: Oh...
Gabo: Z...Zero...

Gabo: Hurray! Zero's back!
Zero: Morning.
Taichi: Zero...
Neo Devimon: Hmph!
Zero: Hmm, I still feel a bit weird...
Zero: Oh well, these small fry Monsters'll be perfect to help wake me up!

Zero: V Breath Arrow!
Taichi: Perfect!

Taichi: You had us all worried!
Zero: Morning, guys.
Igamon: We were worried that you weren't waking up.
Zero: Sorry.
Gabo: I told you he was just sleeping in. I didn't worry at all.
Gabo: He's impossible...
Zero: How mean, Gabo!
Taichi: Haha!
Zero: Hideto! Omegamon!
Hideto: Morning, Zero.
Zero: What...happened to you?
Taichi: The truth is...

Zero: He...he did what...?
Zero: You bastard, Neo!
Zero: Huh!?
Taichi: Are you okay, Zero!?
Zero: I...I think I'm still not quite on my game...
Gabo: W...was Dragon Impulse's overwrite too much after all!?

Jijimon: Good morning, Zero.
Jijimon: How do you feel?

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