Chapter V-41: Digimon Tamer

Title: Digimon Tamer

Hideto: Omegamon!
Neo: I'll delete them for you.

Hideto: Run, Omegamon!
Neo: It's useless. He can't get away!
Sigma: How strong is he...? Not even Rosemon and Omegamon together can defeat him...

Neo: Hahaha! So this is the Monster they call the Holy Knight, eh?
Neo: Delete him, Arkadimon.
Hideto: Run, Omegamon...
Hideto: Please don't die...
Neo: Hehehe, still letting...
Neo: Your emotions get in the way, eh?
Hideto: He led me back when I'd strayed from the right path! He's my best friend!
Neo: Hmph! A Digimon who's lost has no right to live.
Neo: All a Tamer needs is his Monster's strength!

Hideto: Just strength?
Neo: No!
Hideto: That's not all that binds a Tamer and his Digimon!
Hideto: If you can't understand that, you're not a Tamer!
Neo: Arkadimon!

Mari: Oh! Hideto!
Hideto: Ugh...!
Neo: I'm not a Tamer?
Neo: What're you babbling about?
Hideto: Ugh...
Neo: You want to help Omegamon?
Neo: Then say, "Master Neo is the best Tamer ever"!

Neo: What can you and Omegamon do now!?
Hideto: Waaaah...!
Sigma: Stop it, Neo. You've gone too far!
Neo: Shut up!
Mari: Eek!
Sigma: Ugh... Neo...
Rei: Stop it, Brother!

Neo: Rei!
Neo: Hmph!
Pal: Yikes, she actually went out there.
Pul: Pal, Neo's autograph...
Pal: Stupid Pul, you'll get killed!

Rei: Are you all right, Hideto?
Rei: How'd this happen?
Hideto: ...I tried to change Neo's mind, but it's useless...
Hideto: What are you doing here, Rei...?
Rei: I wanted to talk to him, too.
Rei: I want to know what he's thinking...
Rei: Brother, why are you doing this?
Rei: I thought Hideto was your friend!

Rei: We were always together.
Rei: Let's go back to our world!
Rei: We can all have fun again together!
Neo: Our world?
Neo: There's no need to go back... This is my world! It'll be my world soon...!
Rei: You've been deceived by Demon...
Rei: I heard you were just being manipulated by a Monster called Demon!

Neo: Hehehe...
Neo: You think a Monster could manipulate me...?

Neo: Demon's long since been made a snack for Arkadimon!
Rei: Huh!?
Mari: Wha...?
Sigma: What!?
Rei: E...even Demon!?

Neo: That's right...I'm the master of this castle now.
Neo: And soon I'll be the master of this entire world!
Sigma: What does this mean? Both Holy Angemon and Demon have been defeated!?
Hideto: No way... Is there no way for us to stop Neo now...!?
Mari: I hate admitting it...but he's invincible...!

Neo: Hahaha, there's no one left to oppose me now!
Neo: Just watch, Rei, soon the whole world will bow before me!
Rei: ...There's still...
Rei: Taichi.

Rei: There's still...
Rei: Taichi and Zero!
Neo: Taichi...?
Mari: Taichi...and Zero...
Sigma: That's right. There's still them...
Sigma: Them...
Sigma: With the immeasurable strength of their combination...

Rei: Hideto...!?
Hideto: ...That's right. Even if we lose, there's still Taichi... He'll stop you!
Hideto: Omegamon!
Hideto: Please answer me, Omegamon!

Hideto: Let's tell Taichi...
Hideto: Let's tell him everything about our battle with Arkadimon...
Hideto: And then we'll entrust him with our hopes!
Sigma: Yeah, please move, Omegamon!
Mari: Omegamon!
Rei: Omegamon!

Neo: Hahaha, it's useless! Omegamon's energy is depleted!
Neo: You've got nothing left!
Hideto: Omegamon!

Omegamon:'s true my energy is gone...
Omegamon: But there is something left...
Omegamon: As long as you don't give up, there's still a possibility! It's...
Omegamon: The energy of hope...

Omegamon: That's our strength!
Neo: What!?
Mari: The Holy Knight...

Neo: Hmph...!
Rei: Taichi said...
Rei: If you raise a Monster with love will respond in kind...
Neo: I won't accept that.
Rei: Why!? Why won't you accept it!? Why won't you accept the connection between a Tamer's heart and his Digimon's!?

Sigma: Hurry, Hideto! Go to Taichi!
Hideto: Sigma... Mari... What about you!?
Sigma: There's still things we have to do here.
Hideto: Huh?
Sigma: It's up to you.

Neo: You don't need to go after them, Arkadimon.
Neo: Taichi, Taichi, Taichi...
Neo: Everyone's infected with that stupid bug.
Neo: Lock them up.

Neo: Even if Omegamon lives, it won't affect my plans...
Neo: That bug can't mess up my plans anymore!
Neo: Come on, Yagami Taichi! Aero V-dramon!
Neo: I'll exterminate you bugs!

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