Chapter V-40: Omegamon vs. Arkadimon

Title: Omegamon vs. Arkadimon

Hideto: way...
Hideto: Garuru Cannon hit him straight on...
Sigma: It's hard to believe, but he didn't take any damage at all...
Mari: No way...

Neo: Hehehe...!
Neo: He's in a whole other league...
Neo: From the Monsters you know.
Sigma: Impossible... There's no way he can't be damaged...
Sigma: What on earth *is* Arkadimon..!?
Mari: What's so great about Arkadimon!?
Mari: Let's get him with a combination, Hideto!
Hideto: Yeah...!

-no text-

Sigma: Okay, you damaged him, Hideto! Keep hitting him!
Hideto: Okay!

Rosemon: I won't let you get away.
Omegamon: Finish him!
Arkadimon: Gi!

Mari: Wha...?
Hideto: What...!?
Omegamon: Ugh...

Rosemon: Wah...!
Mari: Rosemon!

Rosemon: Ugh...!
Mari: Oh...!
Neo: Rosemon's not even good for testing his strength.
Neo: Now get back to the human world, Mari.
Neo: Don't be so stupidly stubborn.
Neo: No Monster you raised is a worthy opponent for him.

Rosemon: D...don't underestimate us, Neo...!
Mari: Rosemon...
Rosemon: Mari is a wonderful Tamer!
Rosemon: Much more than you!
Rosemon: I won't allow anyone to make fun of her!
Omegamon: Stop it, Rosemon!

Rosemon: Ugh...
Rosemon: The rest is up to you...
Rosemon: Swear you'll beat him...

Rosemon: Waaaaah!
Mari: Rosemon!

Neo: Now let's finish what we started back then, Hideto...
Hideto: What?

Neo: Our battle that was stopped because of Rei's accident.
Neo: You wanted to beat me, didn't you?
Hideto: Yeah, I'll put an end to everything now...
Hideto: To our battles...
Hideto: And to your plans!

Hideto: What? He stopped Omegamon's rush with one hand!
Neo: Even with a handicap, no one's a match for Arkadimon!
Neo: Not even Omegamon!
Hideto: It's Warg and Melga!
Neo: What?

-no text-

Arkadimon: Gigi...!
Neo: Hmph...!
Melga: Hehe...! Gotta watch out for the cape...
Warg: Hahaha, I never thought we'd use our tactics from the battle with Taichi here...
Hideto: What do you think, Neo? These are the Monsters you wanted to delete!
Neo: I'd recommend deleting those weak Monsters.

Neo: ...I have no plans to take back my words.
Hideto: Then it's over now!
Hideto: Go, Warg! Melga!

Warg: Let's go, Melga!
Melga: Okay, Warg!
Omegamon: Neo made fun of us, but Hideto raised us nonetheless...
Omegamon: We've got to live up to his hopes!

Omegamon: Garuru Cannon!
Sigma: Why? Hideto...
Sigma: Garuru Cannon doesn't work...!

-no text-

Sigma: I see, it was a fake!
Sigma: It was a feint to get in from his blind spot!
Omegamon: I won't let Rosemon's sacrifice be for nothing...
Mari: Omegamon...

Hideto: Go!
Omegamon: Grey Sword!

Mari: Wha...?
Sigma: What...?
Hideto: His Grey Sword...
Hideto: Broke!?

Sigma: Impossible. Arkadimon didn't even do anything...
Arkadimon: Exile Spear!
Hideto: Omegamon!
Neo: Hide...

Neo: I'll delete them...
Neo: If you won't...
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