Chapter V-39: Neo vs. Alias III

Title: Neo vs. Alias III

Mari: Tada.
Mari: I changed clothes.
Mari: Look, look. Teehee. Aren't I cute?

Mari: What's with you, Sigma? You've been quiet all this time!
Mari: Just say something, will you!
Mari: Eeeee!
Mari: You're boring!
SFX: *footsteps*
Mari: Oh, Hideto!
Mari: Did you defeat Taichi?
Hideto: No...
Mari: He's pretty strong. So what's next? Shall we take him on together?
Hideto: Sorry, but I'm stepping down.
Mari: Huh?

Hideto: This fight is wrong.
Hideto: I'm gonna try and convince Neo of it.
Mari: H...hey, what're you saying?
Sigma: I'll go, too...
Mari: Huh?

Mari: What, are you guys mad cause Taichi beat you?
Sigma: I learned something by losing.
Hideto: What about you?
Mari: Hmm?
Mari: Ooh! I don't know!
Mari: Huh?
Mari: Hey, wait up, you two!
Mari: Jeez!

Neo: I knew you'd be no match for Yagami Taichi...
Mari: *panting*

Hideto: Neo...let's stop fighting.
Hideto: This isn't what Rei wants. A perfect world built on the sacrifices of innocent Monsters is wrong!
Hideto: Stop the plans, Neo!
Mari: What're you talking about Hideto?
Mari: Neo, I don't have anything to do with this!
Mari: Hey, Sigma.
Mari: You try and stop Hideto, too!
Sigma: ...I think you should stop this plan, too.
Sigma: I've realized...
Sigma: That I shouldn't try and run from the real world.

Neo: So?
Neo: Are you finished?
Hideto & Sigma: Huh?
Neo: If you're finished, I'll send you back to the human world.
Sigma: What!?
Neo: You guys are going in the trash.
Mari: Wha...?
Neo: I don't need you guys now that I have the Digimental.
Hideto: Digimental!?
Hideto: What do you mean!?

Neo: The Digimental shined.
Hideto: Wh...what do you mean...?
Neo: You know, don't know?
Neo: The Digimental can bring a Digimon to his full potental.
Neo: I found this out when I was still in the human world...
Neo: And I began to collect data on it.

Neo: Then I was called to this world and met Arkadimon. With the Digimental, I can control his Super Ultimate form.
Neo: It's exciting to think about, isn't it?
Neo: Using my computer in the human world, I sent my data on the Digimental here...
Neo: But its energy was depleted. The Digimental needs an incredible amount of energy.
Neo: The battle energy of a Monster and its Tamer.
Neo: Times three.

Sigma: Is that...why you called us...?
Sigma: Just to make us battle Taichi...
Sigma: You mean it didn't matter if we won or lost!?
Neo: Thanks to you, the Digimental is complete.
Neo: Soon I'll use its power to evolve Arkadimon to Super Ultimate.
Neo: And create a new world...
Neo: But there's no place for you there...

Neo: I've no use for you anymore.
Sigma: You always meant to use us...

Hideto: Did Rei have the Digimental because she was sent here with it?
Neo: She must have just happened to be looking at my computer.
Neo: But I always meant to call her eventually. It's no hindrance.
Hideto: Rei was abandoned in an unknown world because of your plotting!
Hideto: Can you really say you're thinking of Rei!?
Neo: Who knows.
Hideto: What...?
Hideto: Come on, Omegamon!

Hideto: Neo! I'll destroy your plans!
Rei: Wah!

Pul: Wh...what was that? An earthquake?
Pal: No, an emergency. An emergency!
Pal: It came from the laboratory! Let's go.
Pul: Huh? Pal! What about Neo's room?
Rei: ...Brother...
Hideto: I'll destroy Arkadimon now!
Neo: Now? Hehe!
Neo: Fine!

Neo: Take care of them, Arkadimon!
Omegamon: Huh?

Sigma: Are you all right, Hideto?
Hideto: Yeah. Even Arkadimon's no match for an Ultimate like Omegamon!
Sigma: B...but his data...
Sigma: Look closely... He looks different!
Hideto: Huh?
Hideto: way... Is he already...

Hideto: An Ultimate?

Hideto: He's already evolved...?
Hideto: I can't believe his evolution speed...
Neo: Show me all you've got, Omegamon.
Sigma: Oh!
Sigma: Watch out, Omegamon!
Neo: Now what'll you do?
Neo: Huh?

Neo: Rosemon!
Sigma: Mari...!
Mari: Neo, you're really uncool...!
Mari: The way you step on people's feelings...
Mari: Really sucks!

Rosemon: Wasn't that Taichi's line?
Mari: Oh...
Neo: Hmph!
Neo: You're in no position to talk!
Mari: We're not aliases anymore!
Mari: Neo! We're gonna...
Mari: Stop your plan!
Neo: Hehe... This'll be fun...

Mari: Go!
Rosemon: Thorn Whip!
Hideto: Okay, Omegamon!
Hideto: Use Garuru Cannon. Shoot right through him!

Omegamon: Garuru Cannon!

Mari: did it!

Taichi: Oh...
Taichi: That explosion...
Igamon: It came from around Demon's Castle!
Gabo: Taichi, do you think Omegamon won?
Taichi: Yeah. I'm sure of it!

Neo: He...hehehe...
Neo: I've collected my data now.
Neo: You can go ahead and attack, Arkadimon!
Sigma: ...Th...that's impossible...
Hideto: What is it, Sigma?
Sigma: Arkadimon's...
Sigma: Not damaged at all!
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