Chapter V-38: Earthquake! Demon's Castle!

Title: Earthquake! Demon's Castle!

Neo: Looks like the battle's over.
Devimon: Neo... Demon wants to see you.
Neo: Good timing...

Neo: Long time no see, Demon...

Rei: Oof.
Rei: Oof.
Rei: I've got to stop my brother somehow... I've got to talk to him.
Rei: *sigh*

Pal: It must be this room!
Pul: Huh? Really?
Pal: H...hey, don't push!
Rei: Eeeek!
Rei: Wh...
Rei: Who's there...?
Pal: Ow, ow, ow. You made us fall, Pul, you dummy!
Trouble: S, s...sorry, Pal...

Pul: Huh?
Pul: Looks like this isn't Neo's room after all.
Pal: What...?
Pal Dummy! You mean you got the room wrong?
Pul: Huh? But Pal, you said it was this room.
Pal: Are you backtalking me? I'll show you who's in charge here!
Pul: Aieee! I'm sorry...
Rei: Eek...!

Rei: Wh...who on earth are you...?
Pal: Heh... We are...
Pul: Oh!
Rei: Wh...
Rei: What...?
Pul: Can I get your autograph?
Rei: Huh?

Pal: Wait a minute, Pul! I thought you wanted Neo's autograph!
Pul: But...
Pul: This girl's Neo's little sister.
Rei: Huh?
Pul: You're Neo's sister.
Pul: Saiba Rei...right?
Rei:'d you know about me...?
Pal: He's a huge fan of Neo's.
Rei: What? Of my brothers...?

Pal: I'm Pal. This is my little brother Pul.
Pal: This dummy wanted Neo's autograph so bad, so we figured we'd try and get into his room.
Pul: But Neo's...
Pul: So cool and dark and scary and and strong.
Pal: He'd probably just tear up your paper when you asked for his autograph anyway...
Pul: I don't care!
Pul: That would make me happy, too!
Pal: Jeez.
Pal: Is that like pro wrestling fans who'd like for their favorite pro wrestler to try their moves on them?
Rei: Dunno...
Pal: Anyway, what do you see in him?
Pal: He's just Demon's servant...
Rei: Demon...

Pal: Yeah. Demon's the Virus ruler of this castle. Sorry, but your brother's just Demon's henchman.
Pul: Pal... Autograph...
Pal: Oh, fine. Let's go look for Neo's room.
Rei: W...wait!
Rei: Take...
Rei: Take me with you!
Rei: I want to find out what my brother is thinking!
Rei: So...!
Pal: Hmm...

Pal: Yeah...she might come in handy
Pal: If worst comes to worst, I could use her as a hostage to get Neo's autograph...
Pal: Heeheehee!
Pul: Pal wags her tail when she's plotting stuff.
Pal: That wasn't necessary.
Pal: You idiot!
Pal: All right, come with me!
Pal: But you're the low man on the totem pole! You'd better not cross us!
Rei: Okay!
Rei: Got it!
Pul: Nice to meet you.
Rei: Nice to meet you.
Pal: Hey, Pul, why're you bowing to her?

Demon: How is Arkadimon's progress, Neo...?
Demon: I hear he rampaged at Holy Angemon's Castle...
Neo: ...Everything...
Neo: Everything is going according to plan.

Demon: Good... Do everything within your power...
Demon: The only reason for your existence is to raise Arkadimon.
Demon: It is all towards my goal...
Demon: Of controlling the Digital World and invading the human world...!
Neo: Heh...!
Neo: Hehehe...!
Demon: What's so funny?
Neo: I exist to fulfill your goal?
Neo: Hehehe!
Neo: I exist for myself.
Neo: You're just a Digital Monster. Don't make me laugh.
Demon: What?

Demon: Watch what you say!
Demon: Say that again!
Neo: I'll say it again and again.
Neo: I said, you're just a Digital Monster.
Neo: Nothing more.
Neo: Nothing less!

Demon: You spoiled brat!

Pul: Oof.
Pul: Oof.
Rei: Sorry.
Pal: Hey! You can do better than that, Pul, you dummy!
Pal: You quit slacking off, too!
Rei: Oh!
Pal: Sorry.
Pal: Did I hit you too hard?
Rei: Huh?
Pal: You didn't feel it...?

Rei: Oh...I...
Rei: Can't feel my legs...
Pal: Huh?
Rei: I had an accident when I was in the human world...
Rei: And when I came to this world, I could move them, but there's still no feeling...
Pal: An accident? Who did this to you? That's terrible!
Pul: Pal, you just hit her yourself...
Rei: It was an was no one's fault...
Rei: I wasn't paying attention...

Rei:'s always the kind ones who blame themselves...
Hideto: I know it was an accident...
Hideto: But when I think that if I just hadn't called out to her...
Hideto: ...It's unbearable...
Hideto: I think I wanted to get away from that guilt...
Hideto: That's why I listened to Neo when he said the Digital World could rebuild that time...

Hideto: It's stupid to sacrifice Monsters to try and bring back that time...
Hideto: I said it was for Rei, but I was only thinking of myself...
Taichi: Don't blame yourself so much...
Taichi: I'm sure Rei finds it heartening to have you just as you were!
Taichi: After all, Rei liked you how you were back then...
Hideto: Thanks.
Hideto: Shall I take a chance on the future?
Taichi: Huh?

Hideto: I'm going to try and convince Neo!
Taichi: Huh?
Taichi: But there's no way Neo will just agree! Are you going to fight him? And Arkadimon?
Hideto: ...If I have to...
Taichi: Wait. We'll go, too.
Taichi: Arkadimon is too dangerous!
Taichi: After all, he's powerful enough to defeat Seraphimon as an Adult...
Hideto: But what about Zero?
Taichi: Oh...

Hideto: It'll take a little longer before he's recovered, don't you think?
Hideto: The overwrite was too hard on him...
Hideto: Taichi...don't use Dragon Impulse anymore. It'll lessen Zero's lifespan...
Taichi: R...right...
Hideto: Don't worry. My Omegamon'll be enough!
Hideto: We can win so long as Arkadimon's still Perfect!

Hideto: In order to keep Arkadimon from evolving any further...
Hideto: I've got to see Neo as soon as possible.
Taichi: ...All right...
Taichi: But don't overdo it.
Hideto: I'm grateful to you.
Hideto: I'm gonna take a risk and make it possible!

Gabo: Don't worry, Taichi. After all, he's got Omegamon!
Gabo: Arkadimon's still only a Perfect... I know they can beat him!
Taichi: Yeah...! You're right!
Taichi: I'm counting on you, Omegamon! Hideto!
Devimon 1: ...Oh.
Devimon 2: No way...
Devimon 3: Oh...

Demon: Wh...what is...this attack...?
Neo: I call it...
Neo: Dot Matrix.
Neo: So? What do you think of your precious Arkadimon's progress?
Neo: Hehe!
Demon: Oooh...

Neo: Everything's according to plan.
Neo: After Holy Angemon's light energy, next is the ultimate dark energy...
Neo: You're the next prey! Demon!
Demon: Whoa...!
Neo: Rejoice! You'll become a part of Arkadimon!
Neo: After absorbing you...

Neo: Arkadimon will evolve to Ultimate!

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